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One of the oldest sayings instilled in my mind is from my mother’s kitchen table, where one of the dishes had an engraving that read ‘houses are made of brick and stone, but homes are made of love alone’. Hence, it doesn’t occur to most as a surprise when I have them come over to see a spectacularly designed and maintained aura of my house; courtesy home decor and immaculate tips on interior designing

When taking on spaces in which you intend to set up or decorate according to your requirements start by what you may consider the periphery and go towards the core rather than designing your place and decorating it according to a single artifact, unless it’s completely fabulously stunning of course. 

Home decor originates from deciding what color and texture you want to give your walls followed by what sort of flooring will compliment your choice. Once such a major decision has been made, then you can further enhance your idea of home decor or interior design by emphasizing on the slightly grander details such as the linen, the fabric and what lights you want, more importantly where you want them. 

Home decor and interior designing comes down to customizing and keeping as closely to yourself as possible any and every addition you’re making to your room. Tips for home decor then moves forth to putting up your pictures and wall hangings that would merge with the ambiance which you desire to create. 

No list of tips for home decor falls complete without the careful addition of the most quintessential of all ingredients; while for many it would be the subscription of a fancy home decor magazine, for others it could range to a variety of pricey interior designers it is simpler than any other tip for home decor and interior design. The most important ingredient for an immaculate interior design- the touch of a woman!

Your home decor should speak of your personality and your profession. Instead of going towards interior designs that look superb in other houses you should go for what you like and what you will be most comfortable living in

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