Home Décor Ideas For Eid Ul Fitr

Muslims have many religious festivals and Eid ul Fitar is one of them. Eid ul fitar is basically the gift from God Almighty to all those Muslims who fast in the month of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitar is the eve of great joy and happiness that refreshes the love among the love ones and other relations.

People meet and greet each other and visit the homes of their relatives and friends to celebrate this occasion. It is very compulsory for every Muslim to keep his/her home neat and clean especially on this great event. You can decorate your home on Eid ul Fitar in a decent manner to welcome your guest at your home.

Moreover, home is the only place where one gets comfort so home should be lavish and decorated with different decorating items to keep the mind fresh. Ladies of the home seems more conscious for their home decoration on every special event and they tried their best to decorate their home with beautiful accessories.

There are many things that can help you to make your home look beautiful and decorative on Eid ul Fitar. Here are some easy tips for you to décor your home for Eid ul Fitar.

• Clean the Mess first

Before any kind of decoration, you need to clean your house thoroughly and remove all the unwanted stuff from your house. All the extra or useless accessories should be removed from every nook and corner so that the mess of the house may lessen and you can easily adjust the decorative items.

• Flower pots

Nothing is more refreshing than flowers, so decorate your home with beautiful flower pots of different colors. Also place fresh roses or sunflowers in those flower pots. It is one of the easy and cheap ways of decorating home. Make sure that the flower pots are kept on the right place in your TV lounge or drawing room. Big vases are also best for home decoration.

• Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts and decoration pieces are in demand these days. You can see different handmade decoration pieces and accessories which can add to the beauty of your home. Place these decoration pieces on the shelves or walls where they look beautiful.

• Islamic Wall hangings

As Eid ul Fitar is a religious festival so it would be great to place Islamic wall hangings in your TV lounge and drawing room. It will reflect your religious devotion. There are countless beautiful and marvelous Islamic wall hangings available in the market, so hurry up and grab the beautiful hangings for your home décor on Eid ul Fitar.

• Candles

Candles are the other best choice for the home décor on Eid ul Fitar. Candles not only enhance the beauty of your home decoration but also help you to overcome the darkness of load shedding. Perfectly arranged candles will give a soothing look to your home and your guests will surely admire this decoration.

• Contrast Curtains

Curtains plays an important role in the decoration of a room. If your curtains are beautifully contrasted then it will add to the beauty of the room. This Eid ul Fitar, change the look of your room by changing curtains of your room. Contrast the curtains of bright colors with frill on them. Your room will look neat if your window curtains are arranged in a good manner.

• Pottery

Interior designers always recommend pottery for the decoration of the house. Moroccan Pottery is very popular for decoration; and very much highlighted for its vivid colors and glass work. Decorative pieces, pitchers, tableware are best for the decoration of Eid ul Fitar at your home. If you decorate your home in this manner, than, the guests who arrive at your home will definitely admire the decoration of your house.

Every one wants to decorate his/her house on this eve just to show their love for this festival. You need to know how to décor your home for Eid ul Fitar.

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