Healthy food for winter 2012

Winters, one of the four seasons, with which Pakistan is blessed takes nearly four months in one whole year. This season is liked by the most people just because of sizzling cold weather and winter food ideas. The season also contains a wide range of healthy food for winter. Let us discuss the healthy food for winter both in variety of fruits and vegetables:
Winter Food Idea n The Fruit Category:


Winter food ideas are incomplete without recommended pomegranate in this season. Pomegranate has been categorically recommended as the healthy food for winter by number of doctors and physicians as it plays a major role in the blood making function of the body.


Grapes, containing citric acids, play an important part in the metabolic activity of the body. Winter food ideas have a due space for the grapes in daily food. Not only for health, but also for the sake of pleasures of eating grapes are necessary. Sweet and sour grapes are the healthy food for winter.


Commonly known as ‘Japani Phal’, the Parsimony has a peculiar importance in the healthy food for winter’s list. Rich in iron, the parsimony plays an important part in the growth of body and mental abilities. That’s why it is been in winter food ideas.


The Pleasure of eating oranges while taking sun bath in the winters of has no match. Full of citric acid and juicy in nature, oranges cannot be ignored while discussing the winter food ideas and formulating the list of healthy food for winter. “Orange Party” is very common among the orange lovers during winters.

Ground nuts (Dry Fruit):

Dry fruits are also very important and are of great taste in the sizzling cold of winters. In Pakistan, the ground nuts are exclusively associated with this season. Healthy food for winter includes ground nuts because they have natural oil which keeps the body warm during the cold.
Winter Food Idea in Vegetable Category:


Healthy food for winter may include lots of vegetables and meats but some vegetables are more than important. Carrot is the vegetable which is not only healthy but also of great taste when cooked professionally. Winter food ideas have recommended the use of carrot both as vegetable and also as a sweet by making its pudding with milk.


Another important addition of the winter food ideas is the cabbage. Green in color and fresh in looks, cabbage has lots of iron and other necessary salts that play an important role in growth of body. Healthy food for winter is incomplete without cabbage both as a salad or as a complete cooked with bread.


Spinach is something that may be finding out in summers but its true taste and efficiency can only be checked in winters. Winter food ideas suggested a number of dishes of spinach with either meat or potatoes or both that can clearly make it one of the healthy foods for winter.


Small green balls have a peculiar importance in the healthy food for winter’s list. Very delicious in taste, the green beans have huge number of natural vitamins and other compounds that serve the essential needs of body growth. Winter food ideas have suggested the beans as one of the weekly dishes throughout the winters.

Winters are the important part of the weather which always has a pleasing effect on the human after the summers. Winters have always been waited by some people who have special plans regarding this. Winter food ideas have number of varieties of dishes and

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