Healthy Food at Sports

All of you exercise-aholics and sportsmen, we bring for you a healthy food guide so that apart from strengthening your body from the outside, you should also give your body the best nutrition from inside.

1. Fresh fruits & vegetables:

There can be no two opinions about the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fresh, and not dried, fruits are healthy food for sportsmen and are absolutely essential for others as well. Fruits give you plenty of vitamins such as vitamin A, B complex, C and E which help boost your immunity and make you strong.

Fruits also contain antioxidants which are a natural cure of your body against body aches, cancer, arthritis and other common ailments. Best thing about fruits and vegetables is that they are fat-free and provide your body with instant energy, and a lot of that at that. Fresh fruits and vegetables top our healthy food guide that should never be compromised if you want a healthy life ahead.

2. Grains:

Whole grains contain instant carbohydrates which become very useful before an event where you have to quickly gorge food to replenish your energy resource. Carbohydrates are the prime source of nutrition for your body and bread, pasta, bagels and cereals contain whole grains that fill your body with get-up-and-go energy and vigor. Again, these are important healthy food for sportsmen.

3. Calcium:

No one can deny the importance of calcium which is essential for growth and bone strength. Its importance becomes all the more double when the subject in question is the athletes and sportsmen. Healthy food guide gives due importance and significance to calcium which nourishes, grows and ossifies your bones.

Calcium and calcium containing products such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese protect you from injuries that are a common story with athletes and sportsmen. Calcium products also contain proteins which are the natural building blocks of your body which means these give you muscle mass and bulky look. If you are not a big fan of dairy products, you must ingest calcium supplements to meet your body needs and make it ready for rigorous playing sessions.

4. Fiber:

Fiber keeps your digestive tract clean and makes healthy food for sportsmen by ensuring that they remain in good shape in order to stay at the top of their game in all seasons. Foods such as almonds, legumes, apple, whole grains, and berries are rich in fiber. In order to calculate how much fiber you need in a day, you should consult your training coach but as a rule of thumb, the amount must be at least 5 grams more than your age. For instance if you are 10 years old, your daily body needs of fiber will be at least 15 grams and more.

5. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter contains proteins and essential fatty acids which make an important constituent of our healthy food guide for athletes and sportsmen. Protein builds your body and protects your from injuries and illnesses which is very important for every sportsman. Protein boosts aerobic metabolism in your body which prevents loss of stored energy from the lean body mass. Adequate intake of protein speeds up the recovery process which helps a great deal in the actual performance situations.

Healthy food for sports guide unveils for you the healthy food at sports.

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