Health tips for Eid ul Azha

We are all going to enjoy this Eid ul Azha be it for the rich class or for less endowed person. What all need to specially take into account is our health. Shahi foods will be made in Pakistan on this occasion. Over-indulgence in such foods will not prove to be beneficial for any individual. Thus, our health careguide will provide you good tips to maintain health on Eid.

  • Do not let your weight increase excessively on Eid by excusing yourself for the special occasion. Health comes before fame and money.
  • Red meat which is of beef and lamb contains high cholesterol. Do not indulge in excessive intake of these kinds of meat as they will harm your health in long-term stages and your heart can get adversely affected.
  • Try to distribute as much meat on this Eid as possible. Keep some proportion for yourself and eat healthy which means take proportional amount of meat along with vegetables. If you are conscious of your health then you can even count the number of calories that your are acquiring. 2000 calories in a day are more than sufficient. This can then be divided into four various meals.
  • Avoid the fatty part of meat to maintain your health. The tip is to refrain from having brain, fat and stomach of a goat.
  • If planning to eat meat on this Eid, the healthy tip is to take it in the boiled, charcoaled form and avoid taking it in oily/fried form as these increases the calories in a day. For example kebabs are an excellent choice of food on Eid.
  • An all-time experienced health tip suggested by dieticians and doctors is to finish off the last meal 2 hours before the sleeping time. After that. You can go for long walk for almost 30 minutes to make sure that the food is digested within time and you can easily go to bed feeling light and healthy.
  • Include plenty of salads when having large meals of meat on Eid. Take small quantity instead of piling plates with unhealthy food. Limit the quantity of desserts too. Too much sweet does not let you remain healthy.
  • If you know pre-hand that you’ll be invited to places on Eid and thus cannot avoid meat, then allow yourself for better health tips to be included in the diet plan. Asking for a cup of lemon juice or green tea can help increasing the metabolism rate. Tea can also be taken but without sugar.
  • At the least, try to do your own household chores to remain healthy and going.

Follow these health tips and remain young and healthy for long.

Meaty Eid with a nomenclature of Eid ul Azha is good time to enjoy delicious food but health care needs to be considered which is extremely important for all to maintain quality of life.

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