Health Tests Every Mom Should Have

The most important pillar of a family is mother, it is important that mother should have great health. If the mother in the family is healthy she can better look after her family. Following are somemother health tests what every mother should have.

Mothers health tests

1. Periodontal Examination

It is important to visit dentist for every 3 months. Women who have gum disease have on higher risk of premature birth and miscarriages. There’s also a chance women could simply be more prone to gum disease if they are pregnant or on the medicine. Hormone changes seem to cause gums to become more inflamed, although people not really sure why. In pregnancy many complications arrived due to the gum infections and diseases. Check out that if your gums are bleeding it is a warning sign for you to visit your doctor it’s very important mother health test.

2. Papanicolaou test (Pap Smear)

It’s an importanthealth test to check out cancerous and precancerous changes in your cervix. In this test Pap smear test is to check the papillomavirus (HPV) a sexually transmitted virus if it remain unchecked can lead you to the cervical cancer with the passage of time. It is recommended before marriage for girls but it is also necessary for married women. After marriage there is a chance to develop cervical cancer.

3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test

It is a blood test to diagnose underactive and overactive thyroid activity. It’s not a big problem if it get diagnose early but if not diagnose may get worse and untreatable. There are two types of irregularities in thyroid, hypothyroidism (underactive) and hyperthyroidism (overactive). Hypothyroidism cause tiredness, forgetfulness, and weight gain problems.

Hyperthyroidism may cause racing heart, sleep problems, weight loss, anxiety and stress.If you are planning for new baby it is important to have this test. If you have thyroid problem it can cause miscarriage and premature baby birth.

4. Complete Blood Count (CBC) test

It’s a blood test to evaluate bone marrow and immune system that how accurately they are working or not. Such health test need to measure blood cells both white and red. Increase white blood cells cause infections and reduction in hemoglobin cause anemia. Before pregnancy and after it is necessary for the health of women to have healthy levels of white blood cell and hemoglobin and also necessary for neonate breast feeding. It is recommended for mothers to have this test in every six months.

5. Blood pressure and cholesterol tests

Another important health test for mothers is complete examination of blood and cholesterol level. A blood pressure "cuff" examination measures how hard your circulating blood is pushing against the walls of arteries, and Cholesterol tests measure the HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides levels in your blood.

Both problems are common in Pakistan due to the unhealthy life styles. It is recommended that complete blood pressure examination should have once in a year and cholesterol test needed once in five years. 

Mother's health is very important, before and after pregnancy to warn out many complications it is necessary to fix them on very early stages. Some health tests are very important to prevent from many complicated diseases due to your early fixation.

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