Health Benefits of A Banana

Banana is one of the healthiest fruits which are eaten by people of all ages due to its numerous health benefits. Bananas are also easily digested and are safe to give to babies when weaning begins. Here are some of the health benefits you can gain by taking bananas in your diet:

1. Vitamins and Minerals

Bananas are a high source of Vitamin B6 and potassium. They also provide instant energy and are often given to diabetic patients if their sugar levels fall. Bananas are also eaten by athletes and body builders to gain instant energy before working out.

Bananas also contain a good amount of Vitamin C. Just taking 1 banana daily takes care of about 15% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system and it helps in the absorption of iron as well.

Manganese is also found in bananas which are necessary for bone health and metabolism. One medium sized banana provides you about 0.3mg of manganese (adults need between 1.8 and 2.3 mg of manganese daily).

Bananas also contain other nutrients and minerals in small amounts including some iron, calcium and phosphorous along with Vitamins A and E, folate, carotene and choline.

2. Benefits for the Digestive Tract

Bananas help relieve constipation and help reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. Vitamin B6 present in bananas helps regulate the glucose levels in the body. It helps in reducing cramps during menstruation and also minimizes the risk of kidney stones. Bananas help in digestion and relieve ulcer pains and intestinal cramps.

3. Healthy Bones

Bananas are good for strengthening of bones since potassium reduces the passing of calcium through the kidneys in urine secretion. The calcium is stored in the body and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Bananas play a vital role in regulating the sodium levels in the blood and maintaining a balanced blood pressure. The fruit is a good source of dietary fiber and enhances bowel movement.

4. Healthy Nerves

Bananas improve the nerve function in the body and relive our system from tension and depression. Bananas improve vision and help to sustain it in elderly people. Bananas normalize the heart beat and relieve heart burn. The fruit is high in iron and increases the hemoglobin levels in the body. Anemic patients should take two bananas daily.

5. Cancer Prevention

Studies have shown that frequent use of fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially bananas helps reduce the probability of developing kidney cancer. In fact, bananas have shown to decrease the probability of developing kidney cancer in females by 50%.

Due to these numerous health benefits of bananas, it is advised that you incorporate the fruit in your daily diet and take at least one banana daily. The fruit can be easily added to your diet whether you decide to use it in a smoothie or cut it and add it over cereal.

Apart from the health benefits provided by bananas, bananas offer some external uses as well. Banana peel once applied on warts, acne or mosquito bites reduces swelling, itching and helps drying the wound. The banana peel is also a great fertilizer. Banana peels should be buried near the flower bushes as they will make your garden more fertile.

Banana is a miracle fruit and one which has a number of health benefits. It is a high source of Vitamin B6 and potassium and can be given to babies, old and ill patients, diabetics as well as athletes and body builders. Read on to know more about the heal

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