Happiness is a Secure Children

It’s so obvious that all the parents want everything the best for their children. That often-heard refrain in delivery rooms across the country, Is she (or he) healthy? Is a strong sign that we would want our kids to be as healthy as possible for the best beginning in life. A reachable and lofty goal for most. But, wait, there’s some more.

Fairness-ingredients Safe! Just the word gives a sense of peacefulness. Safety and provokes a sigh of relief. In addition to fit and healthy, we all want to see our grandchildren, children, nephews, neighborhood children, nieces to be SAFE and SECURE. But did you know that childhood accidents are the number one cause of death in kids in the USA? Startling, considering the amount of legislation in place to guard kids from many different types of injury due to accidents.

So, why are accidents still causing a number kid to be wounded and die? Accidents are accidents, right. It’s never anybody’s fault. They cannot be predicted, so they can’t be stopped. WRONG.  Most accidents can be avoided and one key is adult or parental supervision and not just blind reliance on mechanical devices.

Possibly the biggest accomplishment in child security is the car seat for toddlers and babies and seat belts for older kids. Enhancements in such areas continue as time goes on, but caregivers and parents need to take the eventual responsibility for their accurate use on every car trip. Second-hand seats are not suggested because it is hard to be sure they meet all present requirements and determine if any recalls have been issued.


Additionally, you may not have access to significant information such as whether or not the seat has been improperly used or involved in an auto accident, both of which can cause weakening of serious parts. A child safety seat must always be replaced after an automobile accident.

Unfortunately, water security has not enjoyed as much success. Florida is number one of all states in drowning deaths of children four years of age and under. Considering the number of beaches and motel/hotels pools, that statistic may seem reasonable; however most of these drowning happen at at a neighbor’s pool or home.

The number of drowning deaths is not massive, but everyone is avoidable. Adult supervision around any sort or amount of water is dangerous to a child’s survival. Did you know that a child can drown in a very little amount of water, less than a bucket?  It‘s a fact, and it happens.


Statistically, there are no authorizations to count the number of near drowning, but we know there are so many, often resulting in long term severe health consequences. Often, these children have decreased function, physically, mentally and neurologically.

Again, caregivers and parents must provide supervision to prevent drowning or near-drowning. There are several devices to help out with monitoring pools, like alarms, covers and pool fences. Swimming lessons for all family members, along with CPR classes are good plans though, but these are no alternatives for supervision. NEVER leave a child unsupervised in or around water for even a mini second.

Don’t let your kids be a statistic, keep them Safe and Secure. 

Keeping your kids safe is the most important thing to take care of. Lets check out how can you keep your children safe and sound.

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