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Make your hallways the narrator of your personality! Hallways are the integral parts of your house. It’s the aura of hallways that makes the house a home. Stylish and elegant hallway interiors are so warm and homey that one feels so comfortable and royal in an instant.

Do you want to make your hallways graceful and chicly? Here are some “wow” suggestions to make it appealing and attractive.

Geometric Patterns:

There is so much to geometric patterns then just definitive lines and cuts. It looked more aesthetic and abstract form of art. Colors filling the patterns makes them an edgy feeling which is very appealing and sharp at the same time. The vibrancy of geometrical patterns and shapes add much more to the volume of hallways.

Geometry of shapes are so classy and trendy that translates the nouveau personality of the tenants of the house. It speaks volume about the residents taste and trendiness.

Geometric Patterns

Traditional Designs:

If you are traditional and conventional sort of person then your hallway must speak about your taste. There are various options of decorating your hallway traditionally. Either you go with the vintage style or you go with the style of 19th century where things were limited yet classy, no plastic decoration pieces, and colors of light tones.

Traditional Designs

Floral and leafy patterns are so significant in the traditional designs. The colors and patterns are so lively and vivacious that give the hallways a feeling of excitement and freshness.

Modern Style:

Modern Style

Contemporary style of art is way more edgy, sharp, definite and too cool as compared to all other concepts of hallway designs. More glass, less floral, more colors of dark tone usually white, grey, black and brown are the trademark of modern art. It gives the look of more mystery, passion and layers that is not easy to comprehend yet very charming.

The floor patterns are also very edgy and clearly defined, transformed into solid patterns that go along with the walls and interiors well. The wow factor of the modern designs are its sharpness and bold features that drastically transforms the feel of the house in to something ultra-modernism and classy. 

Two Tones:

Two Tones

If you are the kind of person who don’t like any patterns or design or figures, yet appreciate the freshness of colors then definitely go for two tone colors in decorating your hallway passages. Paint your walls dark and put the wall hangings, triangular tables or photo frames in lighter tone of that same color. It will look more elegant and awesome. 

Mirrors on the Wall to make a Pretty Hall:

Mirrors on the Wall to make a Pretty Hall

Mirrors are never out of trend no matter in what era we are living. They are always appreciated and make the people awestruck by the brilliance of its reflection. You can have mirrors to give a more roomy appearance to your hall in case your halls are not that large. 

There are so many voguish designs of mirrors available in the market that you literally have variety of choices. Either you can hang more than one mirror on your wall or multiple mirrors in order to give a massive reflection of your hallway. It creates deception of space in a very irresistible way. 

Paint your Hallways:

Paint your Hallways

One of the widely used mantra of making your hallways irresistible and charming is to paint them in an unparalleled way. Paint cartoon characters if you are sort of a fun person who has a kid in him or herself. Draw a scenery or any other still drawing that makes you calm and soothes your nerves which you really need to have when you enter your home through hallway.

Go with deviant art, use of spray paints, amalgam of colors and shapes or do a smart graffiti on your walls of hallway. Always remember that hallways are the first impression of your house and your personality. Make it inspiring, attractive and enticing that whoever enters the hallway hopes to have a good look in the rest of your house as well.

Smart suggestions for smart people who wants to transform their brick and mortar of a house into a complete personality, an aura that attracts attention and makes them feel at home whenever they walk through the hallways.

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