Halloween Celebrations In Pakistani Schools

Halloween is another cultural import which has been celebrated in Pakistani Institutions for last few years. Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st October annually all over the world. Halloween is most celebrated event in western countries which has now been adopted by Pakistani people. As we know that western culture has influenced Pakistani society and Halloween is another example of westernization.

This concept has finally travelled to Pakistan. The entertainment packed thrill night is all about the scary feelings and making others afraid of ghosts by wearing horrible and frightening costumes and decoration of event. This thing seems to be interesting and exciting for people of Pakistan therefore they have started to celebrate Halloween

Parties are arranged in many educational institutions, schools and colleges. Many international private institutions also arrange parties for the promotion of secular culture as students from different regions study here. Students and families especially youngsters undertake parties and get together to have fun whole night with music, dinner and many other things. This event has become popular among youngsters and is celebrated with delicious food, music, dance, concerts and even horror shows

The celebrations of Halloween start with the invitation cards. To make party and event more thrilling and exciting, invitation cards are designed in horror patterns. Sometimes skeleton, horror faces and even fake blood is used on cards for calling people for this entertainment packed thrill night. This unreal horror concept makes people more exciting and desperate to join the celebrations.

Parties are embellished with scary skeletons and witches or ghosts sketches and many other Halloween themed items. To make atmosphere scarier red lights and dark light is used. Parties are designed and decorated to fir the theme of Halloween. 

The most exciting and interesting part of Halloween night is horror costumes. Scary and horrible costumes are worn by people and they appear as witch and as a ghost and vampire. Youngsters pretend like dead zombies. Party is filled with gothic appearances and with candle stalls and various interesting games. Jack-o-lanterns are carved out of pumpkins on Halloween parties and this rocking night also features story telling about ghosts and witches. In Pakistan, the celebrations of Halloween also involve bonfires.

Culture reflects our ways of life and varies from country to country. Although the word Halloween and Pakistan are two different things but this is increasingly being adopted by urban youth of Pakistan for the past couple of years. The tradition of western countries has travelled to Pakistan in the form of Halloween. Every nation cherishes and preserves its values, cultures, moral and ethics.

This event is not the part of our culture and tradition but it is strongly getting popular in our society. Some people don’t agree to celebrate this event. They openly criticize and don’t involve in such parties and events with their friends. In making this event popular, youngsters and students belonging to elite class are much more involved who are immensely making this day part of our society.

Have you imagined that Halloween parties will ever be celebrated in Pakistan? Well, it has happened. This day is being celebrated in Pakistani institutions in the same way it is celebrated in international countries. This is one of cultural imports as Pak

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