Good Parenting Tips Given By Islam

"The Soul of your child is like an uncut precious jewel entrusted into your care by Allah."
Every parent has the ultimate duty to bring up their child in the best person where parenting in Islam is a major role player. A child’s mind is like wet clay which can be easily molded and the Islamic parenting guide says that the mother and father have the responsibility of shaping their child’s mindset.      

Following are a few tips under the Islamic parenting guide:

  1. Acknowledging the positive acts of your children is a strong basis for Islamic parenting guide. Be quick to appreciate your child even for small doings like helping you in the kitchen, offering prayer, giving sadaqah etc. This sort of parenting in Islam helps achieve three goals
    • Express affection for your child
    • Motivation for good deed
    • Reward explanation
  2. Another tip for parenting in Islam is to provide the child with role models to follow. Provide them with reading material and tell them stories so they gain insight of how Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and his companions lead their lives and dealt with things. Discussing various incidents relating to the situation of your kid is also an Islamic parenting guide for instance: What would Abu Bakr Siddiq do if he saw someone selling answers to the grade 11 math final exam? What would Aisha have done is she was confronted with the opportunity to cheat her parents?         
  3. Avoiding repeated punishment to your kid is an additional point in Islamic parenting guide. Islam discourages beating up children to the maximum extent especially when they are in bad mood. Even if it becomes necessary, ensure to evade the following:
    • Hit on the face
    • Leave bruises or cuts
  4. Parenting in Islam says that you should be gentle and try to provide reasoning to the child else the kid may become rebellious against the person punishing him.

  5. Parenting in Islam also signifies the negative role of television and internet upon the children. As per the Islamic parenting guide, a kid usually questions parent’s guidance or religious teachings when he learns something depicting violence or other non-Islamic activities. With the Islamic parenting guide in hand, you can start with listing specific TV programs or internet sites that are restricted in your house as a pioneer step. Then, monitoring your child’s doings while he is watching TV is another tip to parenting in Islam.

Finally, take help of Dua for it is the core basis of Islamic parenting guide. Even if we try to protect our children from all evil, there are still chances of the opposite becoming true, so it is ultimately in the hands of Allah to privilege us by leading our children on the right path.             

There exist proper Islamic parenting guideline that can assist parents in providing a truly religious and pious environment to the children.

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