Go Red To Decor Your Home For Valentine Celebration

Love is in the air. Valentine day is around the corner and it is time to surprise your valentine by a wonderful valentine decoration of your home. Go red in the valentine decoration as red is the color of love and start decorating your home for valentine celebration. Red ribbons, red flowers, red candles, red frames, red love cards, red balloons, red pillow covers, some vases and chocolates are what you need for valentine decoration. This valentine decoration would look perfect if white will be taken as a combination color with red for valentine celebration.

So start by decorating your master bed room for valentine celebration and cover your bed with a white bed sheet with red silk pillow covers and place red rose flowers in vases on both the side-tables of your bed to give a perfect valentine celebration look. Also place some chocolates on one side-table and a frame with a picture of your valentine on the other side table for valentine decoration.

A pair of red and white candles on both side-tables will add to the look. So remove side-table lamps and place these things on side-tables for a romantic valentine celebration. You can also tie red ribbons to the vases and to the other furniture placed in your room like to the chairs or sofa in your room.  Red colored valentine celebration love cards can also be placed on the shelves in your room and on your dressing table.

Attaching a card on the outer side of your room door will also give the romantic feel of valentine celebration. For valentine decoration of your bathroom, place some candles tied with ribbon bows and scatter flower petals on the edges of your bath tub. Also place a vase with red flowers around the sides of your bathroom sink for valentine celebration.

For your dining table, place red napkins and a candle on both ends of the dining table on an antique candle stand for valentine celebration dinner. Your drawing room will give a feeling of valentine celebration by hanging red ribbons or laces with different patterns from the arms of your chandelier and at the end of each ribbon you can suspend valentine cards, paper hearts or fluffy bows. You can also put vases with red and white valentine decoration balls in them or you can fill your transparent lamps in your home with dried flower petals.

A beautiful hand-made garland with sentimental message hanged in your living room will add to the look. You can also tie ribbons with bows on the wooden ladder in your home to enhance your valentine decoration. Placing candies in jars of your living room is also a good idea. Decorate your entryway with topiaries and hang a wreath to the main door of your house to give the final touch to your valentine decoration. Do these valentine decorations for valentine celebration and celebrate a happy valentine.

It's time for valentine decoration. Decorate your room, bathroom, living room, drawing room, your stair case and your entry way with topiaries, wreath, valentine cards, chocolates, ribbons and flowers and have a romantic valentine celebration

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