Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat

Barely did we step into winters when the weather finished already. Much to our dismay, the summer is already knocking on the door. The killer scorching heat of the summer is such a turn-off where we have to deal with the countless hours of sun and the unstoppable sweat.

However, there are so many ideas you can use to beat the heat of the summer. Frozen treats are one such way to cool yourself off in the summer.

Nothing tastes better than ice cream and frozen desserts in summers. However, choosing a healthy frozen treat can be a challenge because an ice cream is laden with sugar, thick cream, eggs, chocolate, fudge, cookie, caramel and what not. No doubt you enjoy such treats but they are nothing but a cone full of saturated fat and carbs that are definitely not a friend to your health.

Instead, why do you not go a bit creative and beat the summer heat with frozen delights that are healthy and tasty? Frozen fruits and yogurt for one?

Frozen fruits:

Put a fruit such as apple and berries in the freezer in the morning and it will be the simplest and healthiest treat by the night.

If you choose, you can freeze raspberries and grapes which are loved by children. Your kids will love to carry along with them a frozen orange in the morning.

If you are not moved by the frozen fruit idea then the fresh fruit juice / slush can be the lovely replacement. Put the fruit such as banana or mango in the blender, throw a cup of sugar into it with milk. Once blended, put the mixture in the freezer for cooling in fancy cup. A couple of hour later, you have one of the most luscious frozen delights to brighten up your day.

Frozen Yogurt:

Frozen yogurt is healthy and tasty. It is a cool treat that both kids and elders enjoy equally. However, kids absolutely love such yummy food more. So be the super mom to your kids and mix yogurt with brown sugar or ground sugar. Beat it swiftly. If you wish, you can add food colors to make it more attractive for your kids.

Freeze it and serve to your kids upon their return from the school. They would absolutely go gaga for it. If you wish, you can serve the guests with this frozen delight and bag the praise for the evening.

The summer joy cannot be complete without feeding your belly the cool frozen treats of the season. It’s both yummilicious and a heat-killer. Frozen treats can be so many, it all depends on your creativity and if you are running short of creativity, you

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