Foods That Help Or Harm Your Sleep

From early birds to night owls, sleep is essential for all of us. We cannot downplay the importance of sleep. Nothing is annoying than insomnia. Sleep is essential part of health as it helps to restore the muscles in your body after a day of hard work. A good sleep prepares you for the next day and gives you energy and allow you to be pay more attention on your work. Our body is regenerated during sleep and it is necessary for good health. Do you know that food can affect your sleep?

Researches also suggests that some food items consumed before bed time are more likely to be sleep promoters while others likely to be sleep stealers. Don’t you want to know which food items are sleep promoter and which are sleep stealers? Here is a list of some food items which you should eat or avoid before good sleep.


Cherries are one of the few natural food items that stimulate sleep. Cherry contains melatonin which is chemical that controls body’s internal functioning and act as a sleep promoter. A glass of cherry juice before going to bed can results in improvement of your sleep. It is best for those suffering from insomnia.


Every moderate amount of caffeine before sleep can be difficult to fall asleep. Avoid tea, coffee and even chocolate before going to bed as it will hinder your sleep.


You might know the magical ability of warm milk to send you off to dreamland. Do you know why this is so? Dairy products contain tryptophan which is one of best sleep promoting substance. You can also reach for other food items which contain tryptophan such as nuts, seeds, bananas, eggs and honey.


If you are suffering from insomnia, a little food in your stomach can promote your sleep. Keep the snack small and eat at least three hours before going to sleep. A heavy meal will disturb your digestive system and make you restless and unable to get soothing ZZZs.

Spicy and fatty food:

Avoid high fat food. People who eat high fat food before sleep feel disruption in their stomach which doesn’t allow them to sleep properly. When you eat spicy and fatty food, your digestive system slows down and lying down with full belly can cause discomfort and heart burn.


Many people use beer wine and other alcoholic beverages at bedtime to fall asleep early and easily. But unfortunately, alcohol is the poor sleep aid. It also keeps you away from entering the deeper stages of sleep.


Eat carbohydrates at night; it will help you to fall asleep. Eat whole grains food because it contains both amino acid tryptophan and carbohydrates. Eating a slice of whole wheat bread before going to bed can help you to get sleep better.

Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese can also be best for better sleep as it can help to improve the quality of better sleep. Cottage cheese is rich in amino acid and also has a nice combination of carbohydrates and proteins which are digested slowly so don’t wake up hungry in the night.

Do you know which food items are sleep promoters and which are sleep stealers? I must suggest you a list of some food items which will tell you what food items are sleep promoters and what are sleep stealers. This guide will assist you and help you in sle

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