Five Most Common Miscarriage Causes

For every woman being able to reproduce is her pride of being a woman. The early pregnancy loss is most common and every woman should be aware of the causes and the chances of a miscarriage. Every time a woman realizes she is no more pregnant the news has always been bad and nothing makes the loss any easier. Although it is said that the miscarriage can be caused without a reason and if a woman suffers through recurrent miscarriages then she might have a permanent conceiving problems. Some of the most common miscarriage causes include;

• Chromosomal abnormalities

 During the process of reproduction chromosomes that are tiny structures in each cell play an important role in carrying the genes from the parents to the offspring. The 23 pairs of the chromosomes contain a set from the mother and a set from the father. There is a probability that 60% of times there is some natural complication in the process of the egg and the sperm meeting; if either of the one is faulty the embryo might not develop and become a cause of miscarriage. Among all the causes of miscarriage the chromosomal abnormality is on top of the list and detecting the problem is not easy because apart from this problem there can be other reasons of miscarriage.

• Uterine abnormalities

Although ladies do not know about this cause of miscarriage but there is a possibility that the uterus might be abnormally shaped or divided; called the uterine septum in medical terms. This particular problem is due to the fact that either the embryo that develops cannot implant or it fails to get nourished. 

• Immunological disorders

Woman’s body is built in a way that it develops the immune system to accept and process the biological process for the child birth. If the woman’s body consider the sperm as a foreign object there will be absolutely no chance of a woman being pregnant.  The woman’s body might not accept the embryo and in that case the antibodies within her body attacks her own tissues including the embryos which becomes the cause for miscarriage and the physicians think this is unexplainable problem. Sometimes a blood thinner or some sort of steroids might help but successful treatment of such a problem is very difficult.

• Lifestyle

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and environmental toxins become the most common cause of miscarriage; women should know the adverse effects of smoking, drinking and being associated with any kind of drugs. The nicotine in cigarette crosses the placenta and interferes with bloody supply and fetal growth which becomes the cause of miscarriage. The rate of miscarriage is almost double among the ladies who smoke as compared to the non-smoker ladies. Alcohol also causes miscarriage because it also creates chemical imbalance in the blood stream. When the ladies plan to get pregnant or have to start planning a proper family they should give up all deleterious habits and they should increase the odds of enjoying successful pregnancy without the complications of miscarriage.

Ladies should know the most common miscarriage causes because when they are aware they will take care of their health before and after pregnancy. The need is to identify the common causes. The problem of the causes of miscarriage can only be solved by the

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