Fitness Tips Tor Teens

The typical statement every teenage has to hear once several times in a day’s life from their parents is, “You are growing weaker day by day, and it’s because of the bahir key khaney you have!” True, it is of no surprise that teenagers today, being in the chaotic and high-speed life style, are growing in worse shape. The blame goes to the Junk foods, wacky routines and work periods they are indulged in. All these factors result in a rather outlandish development of their body, thus affecting adversely their fitness.
To start working on it right away, here are a few tips how to and where to start from in taking care of the health problem. Attention all Teens, this is specially meant for you! So gear up you all out there and just follow the guidelines mentioned below.
Haven’t you heard the famous proverb “All work no play, makes little Jack a lazy boy”. All teenagers should keep a balance between health and fitness and adopt an appropriate eating and sleeping routine. Time management is very essential in this matter. Keep balance between work and fitness. “An apple a day, and keeps the doctor away”, so why not enjoy the best of your health by taking care of your health? If you’re fit, all is good. That means, start taking a healthy diet, which definitely DOES NOT include junk items such as burgers, sandwiches, patties etc. BELIEVE me, it is not at all healthy as is perceived! It’s nothing but some extra fat for you to store up in your body. Choose to become a fat lazy person or someone who’s in a good shape and active? Choice is yours.
Avoid adopting bizarre eating routine – eat sufficient, neither too less, nor too much. Anxiety, pressure and tension get in the way of your healthy well-being and thus, distress you physically and mentally which ultimately, affect the fitness. Take a lesson from this; eat a healthy, proper and balanced meal and no skipping breakfasts, at any cost. In case you’re getting late for a class or might miss your bus, simply gulp down a glass of milk and off you go. Milk has the essential nutrients one needs for a daily supplement of vitamins and proteins.
Mind you, no big time gaps between two consecutive meals. It’s wise to take light snacks and your tummy busy time after time. Instead of a heavy lunch and dinner, go for evening breakfasts or brunch in between.
Exercise is a must! There are plenty of exercises for youngsters, with the aim of keeping them fit. Interestingly, teenagers require more exercise compared to other people, since their bodies undergo various transformations and are in a constant process of attaining maturity. Try out aerobics. It is the excellent and safest way towards acquiring a perfect body and a healthy mind.
Try running and walking. It’s a very good exercise. Later, you may move on to weightlifting, pushups, and other apt exercises in order that they grow body stamina, confidence and acquire a good shape.
Playing different kinds of sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, cricket etc too are a great help in keeping one fit and healthy.



Attention all you teens out there! here are a few health and fitness tips for you to help yourself out with

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