Father Son Relationship

Father son relationship is no doubt a purist and precious relationship among all human relationships. Being a father, it’s your responsibility to strengthen this intimate relationship.

Fathers are for daughters and moms are for sons! This proverb seems true when your son is younger or in his child hood. A father son relationship seems intimate and close when his son is young. From early child hood, a son imitates his father’s every action and idealizes every thing his father does. He wants to make a close connection and a secure relationship with his father. He likes to dress up in a way his father dress up, imitates the way he talks, walks and meets people. He continuously work hard to gets his father’s attention and approval in marinating good and friendly relationship with his father.

Unfortunately, it seems very sad when time comes and this close and friendly father son relationship gradually changes and the intimacy between this pure relationship are on risk. The changes come when your son gets older and begin to grow up into a young man. Both of you face challenges in maintaining your old and memorable father son relationship. This time, the real challenge begins for a father instead of his son. He has to work wisely to maintain this father son relationship.

A father has to realize and understand that his son is now growing and very much conscious about his own identity, self and thinking. Being a father and wise one, he has to pay respect and attention to all these points. By understanding his son’s personality, thinking, weaknesses and strengths, he can easily over come with the challenges and obstacles between his father son relationship. A father also has to work hard to overcome the generation gap which often prevails in father son relationship.

Being a father, you have to realize that your son is a human being and has his own personality and way. You don’t have to show your authority at all cost. You should not impose your own thoughts and rules on your son as he is in growing age. Let him go on his own way. You just guide him about the right and wrong paths.  Give him adequate knowledge about the right things and choices to get success in his life.

If your father son relationship is getting intense and hot for any reason, don’t put yourself aside by ignoring your son. Let’s take this crisis as an opportunity to solve the conflict wisely by exploring more positivity and closeness in your father son relationship.

Being a father, you have the responsibility to maintain a good father son relationship without expecting too much from your son. For this, you have to avoid being counter aggressive. Give space to your son; listen to your son’s beliefs and thoughts in a calm and cool way. Try to understand the world through your son’s mind and eyes. Give extra time and attention to your son to get closeness between your father son relationship.

Also brief your son about your mind and thinking towards his success and achievements in life, both in personal and professional life.

To bring closeness and intimacy in your father son relationship, you can also work on your shared habits and hobbies. Play shared games and also do exercise practices together to strengthen your father son relationship.

In short, it is very important and necessary for a father to be wise and go one step further in building and strengthen his father son relationship. After all your son will carry your name and legacy. So, basically you are responsible to strengthen your good relationship with your son, without waiting for your son’s endeavors.

Father Son relationship is no doubt a purist and precious relationship among all human relationships. Being a father, it’s your responsibility to strengthen this intimate relationship.

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