Fast Metabolism, Less Weight (Part1)

If you are working hard on losing your weight yet still haven’t lost those extra pounds, then its mean you are actually gaining your weight. One of the reasons behind this phenomenon can be your slow metabolism rate. If your body’s metabolism operating speed is getting slow, you will have more chances of putting your body weight. Actually metabolism operating speed determines the rate at which you burn your calories.

If you have fast metabolism rate, you will burn your calories more easily and quickly. On the contrary, if your metabolism is slow, a greater portion of calories you consume will be stored in your body as fat…………
But don’t be worry people; we are here to give you the solution of this problem.

Well regarding to this issue, the very first step is to reduce the intake of fats from your diet. It’s not the number of calories that you consume but their source. Fats slow your metabolism rate more, as compared to any other food group. Your body burns about 23 calories to convert 100 calories of carbohydrates into fat. But to burn 100 calories of dietary fat into body fat, you burns only about 3 calories. So, a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates will cause your metabolism to move faster than one rich in fats.

The second step to eat regularly, do not ever try to skip the meal. Especially skipping breakfast can lead you towards the serious health threats. Skipping one meal and overeating at the next could encourage your body to put on weight. Eat healthy and on average at every meal, means not too much or not too less. It’s good to take several smaller meals rather then just one or two in a day. 
               So people, eat good but sensibly.


Well people, if you are on Diet from the last so many days or even months but still having no such positive results, then we will tell what can the reason behind it.

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