Fast Metabolism, Less weight (Part 2)

An important thing in reducing your calories is to choose the right carbohydrates foods. Simple carbohydrates (such as sugar and honey) and food that contain like sweets, cakes, biscuits, or other bakery food items, can be your diet destroyers because of their high calorie count. They are also not good in nutrients.

Intake of simple carbohydrates also stimulates the production of insulin, the hormone responsible for moving the sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells. When you eat sugar and sugar rich foods in large quantities, insulin level rises sharply and then it forces the blood sugar to drop afterwards. It causes hunger and fatigue in some people.
So always prefer to eat complex carbohydrates food items. These include vegetables, fresh fruits, wheat, breads and cereals etc, they are all high in vitamins and fibers.

In this regard some people get confuse at times and almost stop taking the calories, their body requires. When you limit your calories, then your body takes this food deprivation as a starvation threat. This is not the healthy approach. Try to consume the adequate number of calories, your body needs.  The lower your calorie intake falls, the more slowly your metabolism runs. Actually very low-calorie diet make it harder to lose weight, as your body begins to burn fewer calories as you eat less.

Another important thing is to do regular exercise. Healthy eating with regular exercise, make your goal of achieving weight lose more quickly & easily. Exercise is the best way to burn the calories and to increase the speed of metabolism rate.

So you need to have an open eye on your routine of consuming and burning calories. 

So People, have you decided to reduce your extra body fats and burn your calories more fastly? If yes, then follow us:

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