Fake Foods You Are Eating

Do you know that some of the food items that you eat considering them to be healthy are actually unhealthy? These are all fake foods that only have some unnatural flavors. Foods contain a number of chemicals, artificial flavors and colors that constitue to fakeness. Listed hereunder are some fake food items that you eat on daily basis without knowing the reality behind them.

Chocolate chip cookies:

Most of you like to eat chocolate chip cookies. Cookies whose owners claim to it be chocolaty. A chocolate chip cookie is a red flag. Do you read ingredients on packing of cookies? Why is it called flavored? Every chocolate chip cookie must contain cocoa powder, an essential natural flavor, but instead cheap oils are used as a substitute. It is better to bake your own if you love them otherwise avoid such bakery items.

Caramel Syrup:

Caramel syrup is used in candies, chocolates and many other things.  It may look and taste like the gross approximation of caramel but the reality is that industrial preparation of caramel is much different than the kind you make at home by using a sugar base. In industry sometimes caramel color is processed with ammonia and list of many other chemicals which is not actually caramel.

Canned potatoes:

Sometimes people go for canned potatoes but the fact is that these canned potatoes also come with preservatives, emulsifiers, flavorings and even trans fat. Convince yourself to go only with real fresh potatoes instead of canned.


We daily consume juices by considering them healthy and beneficial for our health. But these canned juices are not fresh and healthy as they contain only 2% of concentrated orange, tangerine, apple, lime and grapefruit juice.  Fruit concentrates are basically additional sweeteners that are added as extra flavor. Canned  juices don’t have fresh fruits.

Chocolate milk:

Chocolate milk is regarded as most important and most of mothers feel proud to give it to their kids. Truth is there is likely no milk in chocolate milk. The drink is definitely not to be added to your healthy eating list. Chocolate milk contains high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup solids and many other ingredients but there is no real liquid milk. Make your own chocolate milk at home by adding cocoa powder in milk.

Cheese slices:

Cheese is one of the healthiest foods that you must add in your diet. But cheese is not part of healthy eating. Most of the cheese slices available in market are full of oil, emulsifiers and fillers. You don’t have to avoid cheese just because processed cheese slices are not healthy. Just make sure to choose a healthy variety of cheese like cottage.

Are you eating these so called healthy foods? Avoid them if you want to stay healthy. While you go out for shopping, you must read labels carefully and make sure that the thing you are going to buy contains only healthy ingredients. Make sure to buy real healthy foods, nothing else.

There are plenty of things which are not healthy for you and yet you eat them. I have made a list of some foods that you are eating by considering them healthy.

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