Essential Screening Tests for Woman

A woman’s health is her treasure which is not only determined by reproductions and biological factors but also by workload stress, stress war and nutrition. Regular and proper checkups are very important for women health care especially screening test for women because screening test for women will prove to be very useful in order to indentify the problem related to women health care far more earlier rather than finding out on a fatal stage of a disease. Regular screening test for women are equally important for women health care the same way good and healthy diet, stress management and regular exercise. 

There are several screening test for women who can prove to be useful and can make keeping tabs on women health care simple and easy. Now time for me to let you know about the essential screening test for women and women health care.

1 – Blood Pressure Screening:

Having your blood pressure checked up is important for everyone and especially for women health care. Women should get their blood pressure checked at least around every 2 years from the age of 18. The average or ideal blood pressure for women is below 120/80 mmHG. If it is not around that proper steps and medical assistance are required for women health care.

2 – Cholesterol:

Same as the blood pressure screening, cholesterol check up is equally important for women health care because it is very important to decrease the chances of heart attack or any other cardiac disease. Cholesterol should be checked up once every 5 years starting from the age of 20 of a woman. The cholesterol level of a woman should be below 200 mg/dl for total cholesterol.

3 – Bone Density Screening:

Bone density screening test for women is also a necessity. A woman should have a bone density screening test around the age of 65 for osteoporosis but should be screened earlier if one has a broken bone or a slender frame. You just have to lie down on the scanning machine and let it take X-rays of certain bones of your body. Healthy bones of the body show a T-score of -1 or higher than that. The score will be different for different women depending upon the bone density and risk factor.

4 – Breast Exam:

Yet another very important screening test for women and women health care. A woman should start having clinical breast exam once in every 3 years from the age of 20 to 40. In this exam no such machinery is involved and is a manual exam. The doctor uses her fingers to check for any abnormalities or lumps.

5 – Body Mass Index:

Body mass index is another important examination for women health care. This examination includes a full yearly measurement your weight, height and calculation of your body mass also known as BMI. BMI is useful for indicating obesity which can trigger serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.

6 – Dental Check Up:

Regular dental check up is important for everyone not only for women health care because dental health is very important from the moment when a baby’s baby teeth are sprouting. An adult woman needs to get dental checkup at least twice a year which is very important for women health care. Regular dental checkups include cleaning, sometimes x-rays and complete examination of your teeth to keep them well healthy and cavity free.

For proper women health care, proper and regular checkups are essential. If you are feeling fine, it does not mean that you don’t need proper check up because a woman’s health depends upon a lot of factors.

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