Effective Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home

During the course of exercising to lose weight, one body part which is somehow ignored is the weight around the arms. The extra fat in the arms area prevents you from fulfilling quite a few of your desires. For example, you are unable to wear sleeveless garments and also the short sleeve ones. Hence the need to lose arm fat and quickly too.

Remember this might look difficult but the consoling factor is that it is not impossible. Determination is the key word and once you become determined a few tough moves are required and once the moves are initiated the excess fat will start to melt.

Here are exercises, if followed regularly will enable the proper toning of arms.

1. One-arm triceps – This exercise is an effective one for undoing the presence of extra fat that has accumulated in the triceps area of the arms. In this part of the body the fat tends to collect easily and through this exercise the fat will reduce and toning will appear.

Exercise Method – Just be seated on the floor. Let   your feet and legs remain joined together with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The hands may be placed on the floor and should be shoulder-width apart behind your hips. As for fingers, they should be pointing towards your hips. Now proceed to support your body weight on your arms and lift your hips off the floor. Thereafter bend your left elbow and bring your hips as close as possible to the floor without touching it.  The left elbow may be straightened and then the movement repeated with the right hand. Alternate repetitions may be done.

2. Circling of Arms – The exercise can be done in two ways, with weights and without weights. It is a useful and effective exercise that results in toning of arms.

Exercise Method – Proceed to stand on the floor and keep feet shoulder width apart. By extending the arms on the sides and lifting them to the height of your shoulders, you can manage the exercise activity. Another related activity is to rotate hands in small circles in the forward direction. After this do the same in the backward direction. Start with 25 and enhance to 50 in each direction.

3. Lateral raise of single arm – This exercise is great for toning your arms as well as your core muscles.

Exercise Method – Get in the push-up position. The right arm may be extended out at the shoulder level. It can be in the front or even sideways but parallel to the ground. Lift the torso while keeping your abs and core engaged. After this movement get back to the starting position. Do the same with the other arm.

4. Leg Lift – Through this exercise the focus will be on the arms and also the legs and back. It will help to tone fat of the arms and other parts too.

Exercise Method – Get   on the floor with all fours. Bend knees and place them right below the hips. The palms should be directly below the shoulders. Left arm may be extended in forward direction and at the same time, the right leg extended backward. Stretching has to be proper. Stay like that for a few seconds and then release. Repeat this with the other hand and leg. Fifteen to Twenty repetitions are in order.

Follow these easy tips and you can have the toned arms you wished for.

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