Eat Healthy Food In Ramadan And Be Healthy

The month of Ramadan is here to bless us all spiritually and physically. As in Ramadan we get limited to two meals per day though some people also prefer having dinner after Iftaar making it to three meals per day.

Ramadan diet plan should be carefully followed in order to keep ourselves healthy because Ramadan changes our diet routine greatly and most of the people forget to eat healthy food in Ramadan. Eating healthy food in Ramadan is a must because most of the people either eat too less and or eat too much but only a few follow the Ramadan diet plan to be healthy.

Here are listed a few Ramadan diet plan tips and the healthy food to be taken in Ramadan. Follow this Ramadan diet plan, eat healthy and be healthy.

Ramadan Diet Plan Tips

1.    Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keeping our body well hydrated is very important though we cannot drink water during fasting. The first and the main tip of the Ramadan diet plan is to avoid all those beverages which include caffeine and replace them with water. Caffeine does not provide the amount of hydration which our body requires. Take around 8-12 cups of water after iftaar till sehri anytime so that your body can adjust to the fluid intake while staying hydrated.

2.    Avoid Frying

To eat healthy food in Ramadan, try baking or grilling the food instead of frying them as it will be much better. But if you are doing some frying then decrease the quantity of oil you use for frying.

3.    Avoid Drinking Cold Juices Or Water

Avoid drinking cold water or juices after having those oily foods as it will be harmful to our health in so many ways including the cholesterol increase. This was one important Ramadan diet plan tip which you should never forget.

4.    Have Dates and Juices

To get some instant energy and hydration after Iftaar include 3-4 dates and around 120ml of fresh juice in your Ramadan diet plan. Diabetic patients should consult their doctors for proper Ramadan diet plan and medication.

5.    Properly Digest The Food

Another important Ramadan diet plan tip is to take it slow. Do not over do yourself after breaking the fast because at the time of Iftaar many people have the habit of eating too much food too fast which causes indigestion. Eat slowly and take small bites. Chew your food properly so it gets properly grinded and it gets pretty much easier for our digestive system to digest the food we eat.

6.    Avoid Sugar

Avoid too much sugar at iftaar because sugar may provide you with instant energy but it has very low nutritional value. Replace sugar with fresh fruits which are rich with vitamins and high nutritional value in your Ramadan diet plan.

7.    Try Some Hot Soup

Soup is another one of healthy food in Ramadan as soups are easily absorbed by our body.

8.    Have Yogurt In Sahari

Ramadan diet plan for sehri is to consume slow digesting food. As the food will take time to digest, it will result in less hunger. Include whole bread, oat cereal, salads which include fruits and yogurt as yogurt give some extra bit of energy which you’re the body requires throughout the day.

9.    Avoid Fatty Foods

Decrease the intake of fatty foods. Avoid them at all cost.

10.    Avoid Too Much Salt

Avoid taking too much salt at iftaar time.

11.    Include Variety of Foods

Include different varieties of foods from all of the food groups in your Ramadan diet plan because to maintain good health our body requires 40 different types of nutrients. As most of the foods contain some nutrients but one type of food does not contain all the nutrients which we require.

12.    Checkout Cooking Methods

Cooking methods should also be checked to eat healthy food in Ramadan. While cooking make sure you cut out all that excess fat from the meat, avoid the use of too much oil, if you are making soups or sauces then prepare them in advance and refrigerate them so that the excess layer of fat can be removed from the top.

These were some the Ramadan diet plan tips. These will help you a bit to eat healthy food in Ramadan and be healthy.

Ramadan, the month of blessings is here and everyone is aware of the benefits of this month. The fasting and the prayers give us spiritual satisfaction. As fasting alters our diet routine we must come up with a Ramadan diet plan and eat healthy food in Ra

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