Ease your Joints into Exercise

The human body is just like machine. It may seem odd, but it is true. Like a machine it suffers wear and tear when used. Conversely it rusts and deteriorates if not run for quite a while. Not literally, but that pretty much is the notion as an out of shape body is no better than an unhealthy one.

We have all heard how exercise and a proper nutritious diet ensure a healthy life. But a major problem people face these days is not finding time to exercise or complaining that they get exhausted and can’t cope up with their jobs or whatever they are supposed to do.

The real problem is that they are not used to working out or even going for a stroll for that matter. Junk foods, excessive intake and unhealthy eating habits lead to a person putting on weight and losing any ‘so called’ stamina they previously had.

Morning Walks:

Morning Walk

It’s not uncommon to hear or read that morning walks are a good way to start your day. But before we plan any of that we’ll have to take ourselves by the collar and make resolutions that whatever we plan we’ll follow it strictly and frankly; walking around doesn’t ask for much except for a little determination and steadfastness. Nobody is asking you to give up your favorite dishes. Just eat a reasonable amount and a balanced combination of different nutrients.

Balanced Diet:

Balance Diet

Going for a stroll does not cost you monetarily. All you’ll have to sacrifice is a little sleep and an hour or two of T.V. Food obviously as explained above would require balanced and healthy intakes. You can easily manage it in your schedule. You do not necessarily need gyms and expensive gear and equipment. A pair of comfortable shoes an outfit and you are ready to go.

You could walk around in parks or jog on jogging tracks or just go and take a stroll around the block. You could go out by yourself or take a partner or meet someone following the same routine and be friends with them whichever seems reasonable to you. Listening to motivational music pretty much solves the ‘quitting due to weariness problem’.



Athletes around the world start off with jogging to warm up and go on to whatever their sport is. We all have seen teams doing rounds around the field to warm up.

What walking really does for you is that is exercises your muscles and burns fat without causing much exhaustion. Walking briskly helps you sweat and that’s the first indication that weight loss has begun.

A common misconception is that walking and jogging is for those who are out of shape or are overweight. Try jogging a mile on an impromptu note and you’ll see just how badly you need it. Everybody needs to exercise. Some people cope up with it by joining gyms and some by playing outdoors for an hour or two. Others have easy to use and store home appliances to exercise their bodies.



We all know that everybody likes a toned body for themselves. Such people attract the attention of prospective mates and many a times are offered jobs by scouts on the lookout for a model for brands or for advertisement companies.

Of course there are exemptions; such as people with fetishes. Anybody with a will to stay healthy and to look good can do it. Being tired and not finding time etc. are mere excuses. It can be molded around one’s schedule rather than adjusting your schedule according to it. And that’s the beauty of it.

Look good, be attractive, be impressive or at least be healthy. There’s nothing more unattractive that a ball of fat, loathing around, enlarging and being a couch potato. Go out there! Be a role model! Be a beacon for many others, just waiting for inspiration.

In today’s era, joint aches very common issue that can be seen in all generations. Walk is the best way to comfort your joints.

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