Ease the Baby into Independence

How to ease your baby into independence?

One of the most difficult tasks to do when your child is growing and needs your full attention is to let your child be independent. Your baby might be the one who always needs your attention and you might be eating with one hand. You could have been the mom whose baby has enjoyed the warm embrace since birth and the baby has thrived on your love.

This thriving love would have let the baby to be dependent on you; even at the age of 8 months the baby might want you to embrace her/him with you all the time. This might be depriving you of doing things properly; you might not be able to eat properly due to this. There are solutions to everything and you get the results after a time. So don’t starts leaving your baby all at her/his own and not especially at times when the baby is tired or hungry, if you do this the baby would become rigid or aggressive.

But off course you have to do something so that the baby builds up the confidence to do things independently. For making your baby independent start leaving your baby for a minute or two and keep playing with the baby in the mean time so that the baby doesn’t feel deprived and cry.

Usually babies try and gain attention when parents leave them alone and do their own chores. But parents have to learn how to multi-task specially the mothers. If they leave their baby in the baby chair this should not be banishment for the baby and to ensure that the mothers need to keep in contact with their babies while they do other things.

So the best option is to ease your baby into independence not force her to leave your warm lap. Detach your clingy baby nicely without giving the baby a feeling that you want to get rid of the baby.

How to ease your baby into independence?

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