5 Effective Home Remedies For Earache; Ear Pain Relief For Kids And Young

As the razais, peanuts and heaters come rolling out, unfortunately, so do the ailments that come accompanied with winter.  Common colds, infections aside cause many irritable problems, earaches being one of them.


For adults and children both, earaches are commonly caused due to infections or congestion. Apart from the usual allopathic treatments and medicines, some home remedies also work wonders with earaches. Without further ado, here are 5 super helpful home remedies to get rid of earaches caused by the cold.

1. Tee tree oil

This almost magical oil has multiple benefits and usage. This century-old natural medicinal remedy has many benefits, and in the context of earaches, works wonders. Just a few drops of tea tree oil can help with ear infections or colds which cause ear aches, and can very quickly remove the pain. And when you’re done curing your ear, this wonderful oil also helps keep away pesky mosquitoes!

2. Garlic

Another winter marvel, garlic is a great natural remedy for common cold and helps prevent infections. Garlic has antibiotic properties and also helps relieve pain. For earaches, crush a bit of garlic and mix with warm olive oil, to be applied in the ear canal. It is bound to make the pain go away and help attack the problem at the root. Garlic is great for preventions and helps with immunity, and could well be your go-to home remedy for a number of infections!

3. Apple cider vinegar

This hidden gem from the kitchen has been spoken about for various health benefits. While apple cider vinegar is generally good for wellbeing and a healthy body, for earaches, a little bit of this magic potion works brilliantly. This natural anti-fungal remedy can be applied to some cotton, and placed in the ear. Leave that in for 5 minutes, and wait till it works its magic. You’ll be free of pain before you can say ouch!

4. Steam inhalation

Remember those childhood days when mom would grab you by the arm, put you in front of a steaming hot pot of water, and throw a towel over your head, and force you to stay under it till you got enough steam. Well, you can thank mom for that now, as Steam Inhalation is one of the best cures for a common cold, viral infection and chest congestion. For an earache too, a lot of the discomfort is caused because of the congestion or infection, and the steam helps loosen that and clear out the phlegm. Full marks for all the extra benefits you get out of this method, glowing skin is one of them!

5. Mustard oil

One cause of earaches is congestion due to wax in the year, which can very well be dealt with the application of mustard oil. Warm some oil, and apply it to the ear, and it helps emulsify ear wax. Oil helps bring out the wax, and opens up the ear canal, clearing the way, and this helps release the pressure on the ear. Staying a few minutes on one side with the oil drops in the ear would surely (and audibly) help relieve the pain.

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