Ear Care: Hear Better

Ear is a sensitive part of our body. We need to know how to take care of all the ear problems. Ear care is as important as eating food. It is our responsibility to know how loud is too loud for our hearing protection.
It is important that we know all types of ear infections and know how to handle them so that we don’t experiment with our ears and face problems like hearing disorders. Some of the hearing tips are:

  1. Monitor your exposure time to sounds so that you can avoid hearing problems by knowing that for how long you have heard a sound too loud because loud sounds affect your hearing.
  2.  Avoid hazardous sound environments for hearing protection. If you have to raise your voice to be heard, you are in a potentially hazardous environment for your hearing. This includes loud music performances, operating power tools and driving with the windows down at high speeds.
  3. Move away from on-stage monitors or amplifiers. Position yourself so you are not directly in front of the speaker while performing or listening. Musicians should avoid practicing at performance levels when possible because these loud sounds are a caution to hearing and avoiding these will be important for hearing protection.
  4. For ear care each one of us has to be extra careful whenever you clean your ear. One of the ear care tip is not to try to clean your ear by poking anything into the ear canals, you may injure the delicate skin or impact earwax.
  5. Another ear care caution for swimmers is to avoid swimming in the dirty water.
  6. Always try to dry your ear after bathing because any water left in your ear will cause ear infection.
  7. Another very useful ear care tip is to avoid ear infections by treating upper respiratory infections promptly.

Although adults have ear problems due to their careless attitude towards ear care but children also have ear problems and that are basically due to common cold, fever or any kind of upper respiratory infections. Infants can be protected through ear infections and other hearing problems by breastfeeding because it increases the immunity in the babies and help them resist ear problems.

This article focuses on ear care tips and the problems related to ear and hearing. The tips cater for the cautions to be highlighted for ear care and for hearing protection.

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