Drinks for Ramadan

Ramadan is holy and one of the most celebrated months in Muslim countries. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims don’t eat or drink during the day time and spend most of their time in worship of Almighty Allah. Muslims are ordained to take two special meals: sehri and iftaari. As the Ramadan 2013 is approaching in hot summer, it is essential to take care of your health in this Ramadan. Since last few years Ramadan falls in summer season with many people preferring the drinks over food. In order to remain healthy and energetic in Ramadan, right eating and drinking is must for you. This Ramadan give importance to healthy drinks as they are the only way to beat the heat and keep you hydrated during fasting. Milkshakes, lassi, limopani and many other drinks are the priority of most of the Muslims in Ramadan.
Milkshakes are one of the best healthy drinks of Ramadan. They are full of energy with only one glass of milkshake making you feel energetic. This Ramadan, go for milkshake. Luckily, mangoes are available in a large variety in this summer. Mangoes are full of energy but make sure to put right amount of milk, mango and sugar.
Limopani is the best drink in summer. Lemon makes you refresh and healthy. It is a great way to quench your thirst. Lemon juice is the best remedy for stomach problems. Limopani fulfills the requirement of water and keeps you cool and fresh. This Ramadan, make limopani your most preferred drink. Only go for homemade limopani which is very easy and simple to prepare. You have to mix a few drops of lemon, water and sugar to prepare a natural and refreshing Ramadan drink.
Lemon yields more juice on room temperature. If your lemon has been refrigerator then boil them for one minute. Roll the lemon firmly on the counter top with the help of your palm to soften it. It will be squeezed easily and you will get more juice.
Saffron milk is the top priority in the health drinks of Ramadan. Saffron milk is best in sehri. A glass of hot saffron milk in sehri will energize you and assist you in coping with the long day ahead.
Strawberry smoothie is another healthy drink of Ramadan. It is full of healthy vitamins and nutrients and is one of best drinks to quench your thirst and save energy.
But nothing is better than water. Water is and will always be the king of all drinks. One cannot deny the importance of water especially in the holy month of Ramadan. Make sure that in all drinks you find right amount of water. Don’t forget to maintain your intake of water of 7 – 8 glass a day. It is an excellent regulator of your body. 
Try not drinking carbonated beverages in iftaar. All type of colas should be avoided in the Ramadan. Intake of cola in iftaar can destroy your lungs and can cause many other diseases. It is highly recommended by many of the experts to not drink carbonated beverages in Ramadan.  
Stay cool, hydrated and energetic in this Ramadan by drinking healthy and delicious drinks. Make sure to drink plenty of water to fulfill your all day requirement of water.

It is essential to give importance to healthy drinks in Ramadan. You must add healthy drinks like limopani, milkshakes and lassi in your iftaar and sehri to keep yourself cool, healthy and refreshing.

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