Does Your Baby Yearn for Junk Foods?

When babies start solids intake, the options readily acceptable to their appetite revolve around fruits, veggies products and whole grain baby cereals. And then all of a sudden, the switch sets in and they start craving for junk food. All surveys carried out in this regard reveal that between the age zero to two children start yearning for foods like cookies, brownies and salty snacks.

This is an issue and the question that raises its head is, how to avoid such a situation. To save the child from picking up a liking for junk food, it is necessary to strategies and steps to be taken are highlighted here.

Sorrowful truth: By the time the child gets to the age of two years, most of them stop intake of ANY vegetables.

Smart action required: Veggies and snacks must be served at meals regularly in a variety of ways. One way is to mix peas into pasta; another is to blend spinach into a smoothie, and then there are more variables. In case the baby chooses to reject what is offered, do not accept the response and pursue with the offer. Many parents concede to the response of the child and tend to give in. This not right. Persuade the child to accept vegetables.

Another sorrowful truth: By the time the child becomes one year of age, the child is offered juice.

Smart action required: Instead of juice, give the child whole fruit. Even the purest of juices do not contain enough nutrients as the whole fruit. In case you are compelled to serve juice, limit the quantity to around it to 4 to 6 ounces in one day.

Sorrowful truth: A large percentage of the babies (more than 25 %) take beverages that include soda which are sugar-sweetened.

Smart action required: Once the child becomes one-year-old, it is advisable to opt for water and milk and this combination should be the main meal. In this connection it must be kept in view that sugar sweetened beverages result in obesity and overweight.

Sorrowful truth: Babies eat vegetables in the form of French fries and potato chips in large quantities.

Smart action Required: Baked potatoes and even mashed potatoes are most acceptable nutrition providing source. It is also good to go for colorful veggies that are protective plant compounds.

Sorrowful truth: Babies intake of sodium reaches 1,500 milligrams daily by the time they are one year of age.

Smart action required: Avoid Serving of packaged and restaurant foods. This has to be done as packaged foods are a source of sodium. To cut sodium intake, you must use items like cinnamon and ginger in place of salt.

Sorrowful truth: Babies intake of sugar is 6.5 teaspoons when they attain the age of 15 months. This is equivalent to the sugar content in a cup of soda.

Smart action required: The parent must take a stock of the sources from which the child is getting added sugar. Besides desserts it could be items like cereal, snack bars, and yogurt. Action to be taken includes adding a touch of nature. For example, go for mixing fruit into plain yogurt and plain oatmeal. Avoid the pre-sweetened versions.

Eating junk food as a toddler affects your child's performance in school up to seven years later.

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