Does Birth Order Determine Who You Are?

Birth order may determine the human personality and their future. Birth order has become a debatable issue for many years. Now the thinkers, psychologists, behaviorist and the scholars admitting that the birth order determine the entire personality of human being from childhood to the old age who you are is determined by your number in the family.

Birth order guide for parents

There is a Birth order Guide for parents to deal with personality traits according to the birth order to positively develop children’s personalities. Birth order guide make you aware about the birth order effects and provide you parenting tips to bring up your kids in most positive ways.

Birth order effects

Birth order effects affect the personality of human beings and set specific traits according to their birth order. Following is a small birth order guide to understand the human personality according to their birth order and birth order effects.

  • First born, first born possess strong personality. They are leaders and perfectionists in their nature. They get special attention from their parents, this enables them to make decisions easily. They are protective for their siblings and caring by nature.
  • The middle born, they are usually considered the peace makers in the family. Their personalities are not usually strong. The middle one don’t get enough attention from their families, this make them rebellious and attention seekers. Lack of attention cause distortion in their personality and make them less confident.
  • The last born, they are smart, mature and may be spoiled in their personality. As the youngest of the family they had seen the right and wrong of their elders and the results of their deeds make them predictive, mature and smart in their behavior. Last born may be spoiled with extra or less attention from the family.

Parenting tips to manage with birth order

  • First and foremost parenting tip is, try to be balanced in your attitude with all your children. Keep in mind that the first born and the last born get more from you than rests. This imbalanced attitude badly influenced your middles.
  • What children acquire in their childhood determines their future. In future what they choose to become depends on their birth order traits. Parents should be more careful about their birth order in family.
  • The last born due to the experiences of the elders ought to be a tactful person. Keep in mind that he is not as innocent as you are thinking. Don’t give him extra favors, and strictly observe his activities.
  • Another parenting tip is, don’t try to make comparison between your kids. They have their own unique personality traits. They are unable to behave in similar patterns of behavior. If you force them to behave like their brothers or sisters this will ultimately result in reduction in self confidence.

Recent researches concluded that, what you are in your personality is determined by your birth order in a family. Parents should be aware about the birth order importance and try to bring up their children in most appropriate ways.

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