Dietary Tips for Good Oral Health

Oral hygiene is one of the important sources of a good health. Balanced diet means your body gets the right nutrients so that you can live a healthy life. To prevent cavities and maintain oral health you have to keep check on your diet, what you eat, how you eat and how often you eat.

When you eat something, bacteria in the mouth start converting sugar, present in the food, into acids which attack the enamel on teeth and the decay process starts at the very moment. Oral health care tips can help you delay the cycle of decay.

Here are some oral health care tips, by following these you can improve your oral hygiene and maintain good oral health as well.

• No snacking between meals:

Snacking between meals usually tends to be sugary, so it is bad for your diet as well as oral health. It takes around 40 minutes to protect your teeth with your saliva after a meal, so it gets enough time to recover your teeth if you take three regular meals a day and avoid snacking between the meals.

• Avoid refined-sugar foods:

Refined sugar causes decay of your teeth and is not healthy for your gums as well, so better to stay away from candies, lollies and sweets. However, natural sugar presents in fruits cause no harm to your oral health.

• Clean your mouth with fiber:

Eating foods with high fiber helps you protect your teeth as it keeps your saliva flowing. Dried fruits with high fiber are dates, raisins and figs, and fresh fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges. Other foods such as beans, peas, brown rice, whole-grain cereals, pasta, peanuts and almonds are also an important source of oral health.

• Drink plenty of water:

Water is the most important ingredient of your daily diet, and it is never too much. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, this is necessary for your health and water is also essential for oral health because it contains fluoride which strengthens your teeth and protects against decay. Water is a natural cleanser, rinsing your mouth after eating something can protect your teeth from bacteria lurk in.

• Eat calcium-rich foods:

Make sure you include plenty of dairy products in your daily diet, because they are rich in calcium which is essential for oral health. Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk are rich sources of calcium; low-fat could be a better option for your health. Calcium is also present in nuts, dried beans and leafy green vegetables.

• Chew Chewing Gum:

Sugar-free chewing gum could be of a source of oral health. It helps between brushing and removes the small food particles from your teeth.

Never neglect your teeth, healthy teeth enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. You must take care of your teeth as you take care of other parts of your body such as your skin. By following the oral health care tips you can easily manage to have beautiful healthy teeth. Moreover, visiting your dentist on a regular basis is also important.

Healthy eating habits are the best thing you can do for a great oral health and a pleasant smile. You must watch for what you eat before it is too late. Avoid foods that can cause decay to your teeth and start taking healthy foods.

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