Decorate the Mirror with Rough things

If you buy already decorated mirrors definitely they will high in price. But you can decorate more than good enough at home with rough things. Somehow to décor in budget explore your natural creativity. It is not necessary that you have to spend a lot of money; the important thing, just remember nothing is useless. Yes! You can décor mirrors with rough materials. If you have simple or old mirror then don’t think that it is only to throw outside, renew your old mirror with these simple mirror decoration ideas.

Décor Mirror with Empty Pistachio Shells:

Things you need

  • Mirror
  • Empty pistachio shells
  • Glue
  • Transparent or colored shinning spray

First of all clean all of the pistachio shells. Clean the mirror. If the mirror is not framed the one décor idea is make outline with shells around the mirror. Another is you can make flowers with shells on the two corners. Now it is totally depend on you how much creative you are. When you are done with design, it is time to spray the shells. Cover up rest of the mirror with Aluminum foil or old rough cloth so that spray doesn’t spoil the mirror. And spray the shells. Wow you are done with fantastic mirror decoration with shells by simple steps.

Mirror Decoration with Shrubs or Driftwood:

Things you need to decorate mirror with this idea

  • Mirror
  • Rough Shrubs/driftwood
  • Spray paint color (any of your favorite color)
  • Glue Gun

On News paper place the wood shrubs/driftwood or any of the garden snips. Spray them and let them dry. Now attach these painted shrubs or driftwood on the edge of mirror with glue gun. Your home made decorated mirror is ready. You can place this mirror in your indoor courtyards or when you hang this mirror on wall place two indoor plants on the table around mirror.

There are many other mirror ideas too. You can do glass painting on your mirrors. You can decorate mirror with buttons, kidney beans, clays etc.  These were basic ideas of mirror decoration with rough things; you can décor better with more creations.

When we talk about home decor ideas mirror decorations are one of the important parts of those ideas. By mirror decoration you can give beautiful look to your home. Decorate your mirror with rough things by trying these ideas.

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