Controversial Parenting Styles that Break Marriages

With all parents obviously aiming at being the best parents on the planet, one area of controversy that has remained for decades is whether there is a particular universail parenting model.

Younger and older parents alike cannot stop fumbling with the issue of whether there is an ideal parenting style universally or whether, a blend of many diverse methods would result into effective parenting. Perhaps you fall within the purview of this puzzle. If that is true; you are encouraged to read on since we shall discuss different parenting styles for your benefit.

By tradition, there are three major identifiable perenting styles. There is the authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative parenting mode respectively. Imperative to remember is that each of these methods has an impact on the development and behaviour of the child. To begin with, the authoritarian parenting is where the parent promulgates rules with an expectation that their child will comply to those rules without exception. In this method, the input of the child is not recognized. The facet of this style is its inflexible nature that always has the tendecy to curtail the child’s thinking ability. The other disadvantage of this parenting method is that parents who are given to it rarely take time to explain what they expect consequently, giving the child no room to appreciate the rationale of certain rules imposed. The inverse of this mode is that, despite this; harsh punishment is always effected with no positive re-enforcements.

The second is the authoritaive style of parenting. This is more democratic in approach. Under authoritative method, parents explain their expectations to the children as they expressly set rules and guidelines for them. Nevertheless, they offer to state the rationale for rules they put in place as they bring into the children’s awareness the consequences they will face should they fail to comply with the set norms. Different from authoritarian style; in authoritative system, discipline is given with warmth and love.Here, communication is two faceted, the child is given an opportunity to articulate their mind, and opinions, as the parents pay attention to listen.

The last is permissive parenting style. This sytle however, does not establish boundaries or limits. This mode has the highest record of producing unruly children in comparison to others. Permissive parents operate with almost no rules at all if not few allowing children do whatever they please. Precisely, it is like there is no discipline at all and any form of indiscipline goes unpunished always resulting to mayhem at home.

Lastly, a combination of all those methods would be the most ideal with variations as and when the parent gauges intervals that need dialogue from the rest. In whole, they must set rules and adjust where necessary.

With all parents obviously aiming at being the best parents on the planet, one area of controversy that has remained for decades is whether there is a particular universal parenting model.

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