Colorful & Pretty Home Decor Items- An Inspiration for Indian Homes

Indian homes are known for their beautiful striking colors and well-contrasted interior. Home décor in an Indian house means addition of more and more bold colors and accentuate its corners, highlight the main area and put an accent to every angle of the house. Because home is your heaven, the most beautiful place, your sanctuary and your sacred land where you finally rest after a long tiring day, it must have the liveliness and freshness to lift your mood and take away your tiredness.

Having said this, housewives always want to beautify their houses with one home décor item or another. Ideas and tips always come handy to them. For all of you who love your homes and for the all the ladies who are on a look out for handy tips, I have made a list of home décor items and accessories to inspire you to give your house a re-do.

Decoration pieces:

Small glass and marble decoration pieces have always been a favorite with our ladies. This is the reason why markets never run out of the glass vases, miniatures and other home décor items. Such is their demand. While I am sure you have already stocked a lot of decoration pieces in your house, there is always room for more. Check out which corner of your house needs accentuation and highlight and you can make it attractive by putting large glass vases with flowers etc.

Likewise, you can add miniature statues and metallic shapes and china dolls on the corner of your room or the center table. Center table looks good with a lot of marble items place neatly on them like marble jewelry boxes, ceramic birds and other shapes, platinum items and gem stones.

Cushions & Rugs:

Give your house a classic and comfortable touch by bringing in bright colored rugs and cushions. So many cushions of different colors, some bold, others light, huddled together on a single sofa add a very home like feel to the room. The rugs, in contrast with the sofas, the wood and the wall paintings give your room the complete look. Colors like camel brown, maroon, red, green, orange and white look beautiful. This time, do try the variation and the combination instead of sticking to just one color.

Wall hangings:

Wall hangings such as those made of iron, platinum and metal molded into different shapes such as Om, Ram and Krishna not only add an appeal to your wall, they also reflect the versatility of your culture, your region and religion. Flaunt your religion beautifully. Add a touch of awe-inspiring beauty and give your walls a chance to smile with bold colors and adornments.

Bright colored sofas and couches:

This would simply change the mood of your house, do experiment with it. Bring in a couple of bright colored couches and place them on different corners in the house. Coming from a personal experience, I can tell you that you will have everyone noticing and asking about that particular couch. You can highlight that particular corner with the sofa with the well-lit lamps.

Beautify your home with color home decor accessories - all casually available, all handy, all beautiful, all Indian.

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