Coffee catching up in Pakistan

Pakistan is a tea culture. However with time we have seen Pakistan opening its doors to the coffee culture. Coffee culture has been so fast in spreading its wings with new coffee outlets opening left right and centre in Pakistan. These coffee shops have played an important role in introducing coffee to the masses in Pakistan.

Now that coffee awareness has grown to such extent tea might finally have competition. Younger generation in Pakistan definitely prefers coffee over tea. This is not only because coffee is more hip than tea but also because coffee is more helpful in keeping energy levels going than tea ever has been. Professionals in Pakistan who need to be on the go for long hours are fast quitting the frequent tea breaks with fewer coffee breaks.

In the markets in Pakistan there are many varieties of instant coffee mixes available. Ironically now in Pakistan making tea is considered more difficult now that is how intensely coffee culture has taken over. In addition usage of coffee in everyday products especially bakery products has become very frequent.
Use any coffee mix brew it in hot water, sprinkle with nutmeg, you can add sugar later according to taste.

Scoop ice cream on a pan over low heat for almost three minutes then pour it over the brewed coffee. Top it with whipped cream and enjoy your coffee in the most unusual way.


Here is a coffee recipe you will be enjoying all winters in Pakistan and even summers maybe that’s how good it is.

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