Closed Mouth Kids? Here’s to get ’em Talking!

Communication is the best possible thing that should be increased between parents and kids however; kids these days think that they have better things to do than to answer their folks. Well, here is a guide for those parents who really want to get their kids back on track to get them start talking to them. Kids these days hardly like to open up to their parents and this is something that really pinches the parents as they really want their child to share his ideas, feelings, emotions and everything he is going through to make sure everything is ok. After all, this is the parents right to know about their child.
However, the children these days think otherwise as in their opinion, sharing stuff with their parents is definitely not a good idea as they will not be able to understand. And this is where the biggest problem lies. You cannot just expect your kids to open up and start sharing things with you just because they are your kids instead, you should try to be the best friend in their lives too. The idea of this whole kids’ folks’ conversation or friendly communication is to ensure a healthy family life and that can only be done if the parents make sure they are not being too interfering in their kid’s life.
It is true that the kids would never want their parents to start asking questions the moment they get back home, however, if proper time and space is given to them, kids open up to their parents for sure. Parents should keep in mind that they do not have to be interrogating the kids all the time just because they were not at home. To get your kids stay close to you, you need to be there for them whenever they do or do not need you but this does not mean that you have to go poking in each and every matter of their lives. Spending a good amount of time with your kids is also very important to get them start talking to you in a friendly way if they have stopped doing so.
Usually what happens is that parents do not get enough time to spend with their kids and this is why the kids start going far away from their parents and start finding refuge outside the four walls of the house. You need to create a healthy, peaceful and friendly environment at home first in order to make your kids talk to you and share everything with you. An over aggressive behavior with your kids in response to their unfriendly attitude is also very wrong. Always remember you are the big people and you have to understand them, not vice versa.

It is a very common problem that a lot of parents have to face and that is, actually making your kids break the silence and getting them to talk.

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