Clean your Home with Vinegar

Vinegar is not only a cooking ingredient but can be use as a wonderful cleaner too. Try this magic ingredient for your home cleaning.

Vinegar is no doubt a multi purpose ingredient. You can use vinegar in many ways, not only in cooking but also for body, skin and now for home cleaning also. From ages, women tend to use vinegar in cooking just to add taste and for little bit chillness. Vinegar also used as cleanser in manicure and pedicure. It is also used as a deep conditioner for oily and greasy hairs.

Now, we are presenting a very different aspect and use of vinegar, that is, “use of vinegar for home cleaning”.  Here are just some ways you can use vinegar around your house.

Useful ways of Vinegar for home cleaning:

  • To bring shine to your glass wear, rub vinegar on glass surfaces, mirrors and crystal wears, then wash off with water to make them gleam.
  • To vanish water stains on glass-top tables, simply rub them with white vinegar and leave over night. Most water stains will disappear.
  • To clean kitchen counters and tiles, mix baking powder with white vinegar and make a batter. Apply this mixture to surfaces, wash off (with soapy water) after 10 minutes. Now you have a sparkling kitchen with minimum grease.
  • To get rid of drain odour, pour one cup baking soda and two cups white vinegar into the drain of the sink.
  • To clean stubborn food stains inside your microwave oven, mix half cup water with half cup white vinegar. Boil it well, then rub this inside your microwave to clean curry and food stains.
  • For window blind’s cleaning, mix equal amount of white vinegar and warm water. Spray this solution on your window blinds and wipe with a clean newspaper, and there you have a clean and tidy window blinds.
  • To remove stubborn labels or price tags, dip a small rag in white vinegar. Place over label over night. Label will peel off easily.
  •  To clean your babies’ feeding bottles fill the bottles with diluted vinegar solution. Keep for an hour then rinse, the bottles will shine like new.
  • You can also clean your wooden chopping boards with white vinegar, especially if they are use to cut meat. Vinegar will not only helps to remove the odor but also keeps the surface germs free.
  • If your tabs or shower head is clogged with rust then drench a piece a cloth in white vinegar and tape this piece on them, cover with a plastic bag, keep over night, you will see that the clog holes will clear up by the next day.


Vinegar is not only a cooking ingredient but can be use as a wonderful cleaner too. Try this magic ingredient for your home cleaning.

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