Classic Beef Pot Pie Recipe

Classic beef pot pie has been around for ages. People have their own surprising new twists in beef dish recipes to make it according to their flavor. Many tasty recipes are available online if one wants to experiment with his food. However beef dish recipes need to be handled with care because a little up and down with spices can turn a whole scrumptious meal into something bizarre and tasteless

The pot pie is one such dish that is referred to as comfort food. The creamy combination of meat and vegetables cooked into a crisp, flaky crust is phenomenal .It is one of those tasty recipes that plunge us instantly back to our childhood memories, when home-cooked meals could cure all problems. 

Here are a few tricks and twists that you can add to your pot pie recipe in order to make it more tempting and tasteful. 

Beef Pot Pie in Crepes:

In just one glance at this dish one can tell that the amazing blend of crepes with pot pie is not just heaven to look at but extremely scrumptious to eat as well. The much preferred crepes to use in this recipe are the airy ricotta based crepes.

Beef Pot Pie in Crepes

Puff Pastry Beef Pot Pie:

To add a French twist to your beef dish recipes. One can easily get hands on puff pastry mix from any nearby bakery. Use it and fill your pot pie beef into it. Bake it and have a newer rather more interesting version of a Beef pot pie puff pastry. These look dainty and elegant on the table. You can also use the puff pastry to make the topping of your pot pie. Both the ways a super crispy element will be added to your dish.

Puff Pastry Beef Pot Pie

Vegetable and Beef Pot Pie:

Some people who like experimenting with the best recipes can add some vegetables to their Beef Pot Pie and make it look and taste more remarkable. To make this the vegetables are roasted first and then combined with a sauce according to your taste. This exuberant combination makes a dish with international influences in it. Bake it or just serve it as it is. Both the ways not only does it taste delicious but also looks novel.

Vegetable and Beef Pot pie

Steal Pot Pie Recipe:

In England this is how it is done. Instead of chicken use beef undercut for making Pot Pie. Steam it or bake it in the simplest of the ingredients. The meat gives off its own juices and adds a super flavor to the dish.

steak pot pie

A Few Tips on Making a Beef Pot Pie are: 

Upscale your crust by either using a high quality Puff Pastry or making one yourself. Use quality meats. This can make a huge difference to the taste of your food.

Use Quality Vegetables:

Try roasting the vegetables first. Don’t hesitate in using vegetables beyond carrots and capsicum. The blend of many vegetables together adds to the goodness of the recipe. The stale ones only rob the taste and make your pot pie look sad.

Quality Vegetables

Change the Sauce:

The one place where you can and should play up the recipe with is the sauce. Whenever you are making pot pie try a new sauce. This will save time and give you a new dish to eat. These are a few twists that you can add to your conventional recipe and make it look more attention-grabbing and attractive.

Beef pot pie is one the tasty and most simplest recipes to cook when it comes to beef. I will recommend you to try this.

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