Classic and Cozy Living Room

Decorating living room is not an easy task when you have thousands of ideas. Everyone wants a living room to be comfortable and cozy. Make your living room gracious by mixing modern with the traditional designs. Class it up with inspirational classy deigns with the touch of modernity.

Combine and match new and classical patterns, embrace bold hues, layer rugs and combination of modern and classy accessories. Discover living room decor ideas and make your space livable and beautiful. Create a cozy and comfortable space by following living room décor ideas.

To make your space classical and cozy decorate it with traditional rug and accessories. For fresh feel juxtapose these classy items with modern touch. Anchor your living room with a prettily patterned traditional rug. Make sure to highlight the rug’s hue by using cushions on couches in the same hue.  Mix and match your throw pillows to give your living room a lived-in-vibe.

Paint the entire room in white and neutral hues. The color of the walls is the focal point of any room. The light hues of the room allow different patterns in room to shine. Keep the white as the main theme for classy look and introduce fashion forward bright hues and bold patterns via solid and patterned pillows and fabrics of couches.

The other way to give the living room classy look is to upholster the classical furniture into modern fabrics. A touch of animal print goes long way in vintage inspired living room. The use of zebra accent on classical sofa and chairs will add classical and comfy feel to your living room. The classical arrangement with black and white drapes and strips designs make a small room feel larger. Go for this look as it is timeless.

Let your living room be warm and brighten by keeping fireplaces the center point of the living room. There is nothing better than relaxing near fireplace after spending a hectic day. Fireplaces and panoramas have been the part of many traditional living room designs. Add some classical touch in your living room with modern and new fashioned fireplaces. Place a couple cozy armchairs near fireplace for ultimate in comfort and coziness. Also allow your guests to enjoy warmth of flickering flames in the hearth.

Dark and bright color furniture is perfect for making your living room look classy and comfortable. Dark brown wood furniture prevents the space from looking washed out. A nice combination of modern and traditional designs including animal print fabrics, traditionally designed rug, dark brown wood furniture with white themed walls accented with particular single hue and metallic finish with modern fireplace make a living room stunning, modern, classy and comfortable.You will find a captivating and comfy living room 

when white or neutral schemes are embellished with thoughtfully edited accessories. Along with white, you can go with a particular color. A white room requires a dose of bright hue to enhance the personality. Choose a specific color with soft white shade such as blue and distribute this shade around the room via different artworks and collection of different accessories.

Give your room a metallic finish by keeping the silvery tones highlighted. Place metallic and crystal accessories like table lamps, tray table handles, photo frames and art glass.

Give your room a versatile look by mixing some highlighted patterns of modern and traditional designs. Make your space look stunning and modern by decorating it with a combination of new fashioned and classy touch.

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