Child Spacing: What’s the ideal sibling Age Gap?

I discussed it with my doctor and some of my elder aunties and reached to the point that like me, so many parents gets worry about child spacing but there is no perfect amount of time to wait and make gap between siblings. It’s all depends on you how much you are comfortable to plan and takes responsibility of taking care of second upcoming baby.

Also depends on your already having child, is he/ she having acceptance of his/ her upcoming sibling. You should consider some things I am sharing with you before go through with next conceiving. Are these things matches to your circumstances and nature than decides what should be the ideal sibling age gap as different age gaps have their positives and negatives, and what may work for your family may not work for others. 

1: If you think a short gap between siblings:


  • If you have enough energy to conceive another baby than you may decide that a small gap is ideal as you are already in a baby frame of mind and are used to deals with diaper changing, sleepless nights, baby laundry and mistime noises.

  • It may be very hectic for you in start to deal with two small babies at the same time but these tiring few years may concentrated into one reasonably short period.

  • Your children likely to be natural playmates and having similar interest due to closeness in age.

  • When they grow up, they will become good friends. Although there will be arguments between them but as they will know that they need each other to play their games, they will be motivated to sort out their arguments or fights.

  • If you are working parents it can be easier for you to arrange childcare for your children of same age rather than having years of juggling different childcare arrangements.


  • It’s very tiring while you are pregnant to look after a baby and may be you and your partner gets exhausted in early years with two little babies to care for at once.

  • After coming new baby, may be your toddler couldn’t sleep well as he/ she did earlier. You may face difficulties to fulfill different demands and routines of two babies at the same time.

  • May be you will face difficulties to carry overloaded expanses within a short space of time either domestic expenses or education expenses. 

2: If you think a long gap between siblings:


  • You may have enough time to enjoy with each baby individually with a gap of three or more years between siblings.

  • Your body must be recovering from first pregnancy and birth now. You have now enough energy to conceive and deliver a healthy baby and to give your baby complete breastfeed.

  • Your older child is now enough independent to dress him/her self, well potty trained, can convey easily regarding his/her need of eating, sleeping, playing etc with an extensive vocab.

  • Older child can now better understand how to share, cooperate, how to get patience with small once.

  • May be much longer space between siblings will help to reduce rivalry between them.

  • Older child may get confident and responsible as being big brother/ sister and do care of little sibling. 


  • Difficult to manage preschooler and newborn. You can’t enjoy those activities that you enjoyed with your first baby as you have another task of social life, schooling of your older ones.

  • They can’t play together due to long gap and will have disturbance in interaction with each other as interests will be different.

So all depends on your guts what should be the ideal sibling age gap. The child age difference doesn’t matter as the best time is when you and your husband feel ready to bring a new baby and to expand their family, emotionally as well as financially.

What’s the ideal sibling age gap? This question is also toddling in my mind regarding child spacing now a days as my first baby is of 13 months now. I am getting confuse about, is this time is perfect for the next pregnancy or I should wait for some mor

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