Want to Achieve a Celebrity’s Home Décor Look? Here’s How

Have you been longing for the day you will be able to personalize a celebrities' home décor without breaking the bank?

Have you been longing for the day you will be able to personalize a celebrities' home décor without breaking the bank? Well, this might be your lucky day. Often people shy away from copying a celebrity's furnishings worrying that it might cost much more than they can afford at the time. While you may not have their luxurious lifestyle to replicate their homes, the following tips will help you achieve your desired look.

Before making the drastic change, there are a few factors you should consider. First, ensure that you understand your property to know how to make the most out of your space. Second, make a decision on which essentials in your own home that you would like to keep. Lastly, set up a budget that you want to stick to so you can avoid overspending.

No matter what design your favorite celebrity has incorporated in their home, you too can do the same without spending too much money. And here is how.

1. Be minimalistic

A lot of celebrities like keeping their home and everything in it to a minimum. The minimalist aesthetic is on the rise among the wealthy. Their houses are usually clean and spacious, but simple. If you look at interviews and house tours that celebrities do in their own homes, you will notice that they focus on filling their home with quality pieces instead of prioritizing the quantity.

This is an excellent tip for designing your house to look like that of a celebrity. Minimalism is also a great way to save money by not spending a fortune on purchasing furniture and decor. When picking out pieces for your home, go for items that are not bulky or busy.

2. Use features to make your home look bigger and brighter

If you look at the design in celebrities' homes, you will find that they have bright, spacious, and airy spaces. A few cost-effective tips on how you can achieve this look includes:

  • Positioning your mirror opposite to the windows in your home makes your house look brighter by reflecting more light around the house
  • Using barn door hardware
  • Rearranging the furniture to allow the light to stream in from windows
  • Avoiding clutter by making sure that your shelves are not packed with books or decorative items
  • Using fabrics such as linen, lace, or cotton draws less attention to themselves to make a room feel more open and bright
  • Installing curtains strategically to extend beyond either side of the window casing

3. Find knock-offs of high-end decor and furniture

You can find decorative items and furniture with the same look and feel as high-end designs without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to design your home to look like that of your favorite celebrity is finding items that are pretty similar to what they have in their homes.

The best source for such things at an affordable price would be Google. A quick search is sure to bring you right onto the doorstep of the items that you wish to have. Be sure to check on what's trendy at the time in the "best sellers section."

4. Focus on size instead of quantity

You can attain your dream home by including large decor and furniture items in your home instead of filling up your space with many pieces. This will decrease the chances of any clutter that is far different from what a celebrity's home would look like. Avoid having the following in your space:

  • Excess pillows
  • Candles on every tabletop
  • Lots of artwork or picture frames on your walls

In addition, you can throw away extra items that you may have in your home. You do not need five cooking pots or ten pairs of high-heeled shoes. Keep your belongings to a minimum by picking out your favorites, setting the rest aside for sale, or handing them over to donation centers.

However, if you would like to keep some of the items, take advantage of storage compartments or shelving. Here you can put these items out of sight, thereby creating a minimalistic look. Ensure that everything you have in your home makes sense and serves a purpose.

Depending on your budget, there is so much that you can achieve in your home. However, it would be wise to remember that even after incorporating all the designs that you want, it is still up to you to make your home your own.

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