Calories in Shampoo Making you Fat

The researcher’s team in New York from Mount Sinai Medical Center proves that there are some chemicals in shampoo which have calories, these shampoo calories help gaining weight, a chemical namely phthalates increases the body weight. Phthalate is used in many beauty products. Although 70% products include phthalates, and the research shows it damages natural weight control system.

According to research, "The heaviest girls have the highest levels of phthalates in their urine. Shampoo which has chemicals like phthalates includes lot of shampoo calories. These chemicals are also used in a wide range of consumer products such as in cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, shampoos for fragrance etc. but in humans they play a role in gaining weight by disrupting hormones that regulate growth and development, the researchers found. Endocrine disruptors imitate the hormones effects and affect the glands’ work that produces them.

However, after considering this fact, stop using these chemicals. It’s pretty evident that weight has quickly become a serious problem here in Pakistan. Now people are also fully aware of their health care. Researchers began to recognize that obesity is much more complicated than calories in and out, and that a lot of other mechanisms involving the hormonal regulatory system are involved in our bodies’ delicate weight balance.

According to the new research toxic chemicals in shampoo that act as endocrine disruptors mimicking hormones, and blocking or exaggerating our natural hormonal responses chemical calories.  Since hormones and glands are so intricately tied to weight, research institutions (like Mount Sinai in New York City, Starling University in Scotland and many others) have since started researching the link between obesity and common chemicals you come in contact with every day.

Phthalates and their pal, Biphenol A (BPA, often found in shampoo) are at the top of the study list. Now the question is how to avoid these shampoo calories? Minimizing your toxin exposure is great for your health in general, and by all means, buys organic food whenever possible and trade out your harsh bathtub cleaner for a homemade vinegar mixture.

You can even switch your shampoo for an all-natural version if you’re concerned about toxin exposure. However, it is not possible to avoid completely but we can reduce the use of these chemicals. Try to buy the products which don’t have such chemicals. There are many easy ways to make home made shampoo. This can be a more beneficial in use and don’t have such shampoo calories.

New research has found that if after having good and proper diet you are still facing fatness then it may be because of your shampoo. Chemical Calories included in shampoo and other cosmetic products cause weight gain symptoms.

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