Bridal Bliss – Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Planning!

Daydreamer or not, everyone grows up thinking about their wedding. You might be the one having vivid imagination who wants everything perfect. On the other side, you could be someone who’s happy to make the best out of whatever is contemporary. In either case, weddings require elaborate planning.
…and there comes the wedding stress!

You can avoid getting strained during wedding preparations by following through these simple steps. They can be applied in any situation and bring you a stress-free ride to your Big Day:

Start off with planning your budget. Sounds a little cliché? It’s true, nonetheless. The first thing would be to consult your families candidly about how much resources have they allocated for the event. Here in Pakistan, the responsibilities for the wedding are usually divided. For instance, women look after the dress & accessories shopping, etc. So, you should have an estimate of the budget limit of whichever portion of the wedding planning you’re handling. It’s wise not to spend the entire amount; always keep some part of the budget for any emergency need.

The next step should be to list down the tasks to be done by you in during the preparation. An early planning is effective for the wedding. Make realistic estimates of how much time would each step would take. It’s best to decide the sequence and importance of those tasks. This activity helps in prioritizing – which is the best way to avoid stress.

While planning and performing the tasks, it’s highly recommended that you take help from friends and family. Even when the final choice is going to be yours, a third person sometimes helps you to get a reality-check. You can also delegate responsibilities to free yourself from the burden of doing everything. Sometimes, all you need is a moral support to avoid stress!

Finally, have a fun-filled approach to all wedding preparations. If anything doesn’t go according to what you planned, it doesn’t mean it’s a DISASTER. Don’t be neurotic about little details, and keep a cool head when going through the whole process. Have a memorable time with your loved ones that you can recall for the rest of your life. It will surely bring an anticipating glow to your persona that is priceless!

Wishing you and beloved a happy start of your new lives together!

Stress of a 'perfect wedding plan' takes the fun out of everything. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can get the best out of your wedding budget by following few simple steps. After all, it's the ‘memories’ that matter!

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