Bone less Chicken Bites


Bone less Chicken               I Kg, cut into small or medium thin strips, length wise,
 (Breast portion)              wash and drain well.         
Flour                                     4 tbsp
Evaporated milk                6-8 tbsp
Ginger paste                       1 tbsp
Garlic paste                         1 tbsp
Honey                                  2 tbsp
Tomato Ketchup                4 tbsp
Red chili powder               2 tbsp
Quick cooking oat meals  1 cup
Oil                                       for deep frying
Cocoa powder                  4 tbsp
Corn Flour                       2 tbsp
Baking powder               ¼ tbsp
(Mix corn flour with baking powder well and sift together)


           Place all the ingredients (except oat meals and oil) in a large mixing bowl and mix gently until all of them merged well.

Cover and leave for some time to marinate in the refrigerator, probably for an hour. Then mix again finely and coat chicken strip nicely turn by turn in oat meals (already spread evenly with dry hands in a large try). 
                   Now deep fry in batches in hot oil over medium or bit slow flame; fry them until they turned golden brown, crispy and cooked well.

Drain on absorbent paper, and then transfer into serving platter. Serve it with tomato ketchup and enjoy the crispy, crunchy and delicious chicken bites.


Prepare the spicy, peppery & tasty bone less chicken bites at home.

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