Blueberries a day keep doctor away

Forget about ‘An Apple a day keeps doctor away’ and come to blueberries for they are far more effective and healthy then any fruit. These exotic little berries are incredibly healthy for their anti-oxidant qualities and multivitamins. These deliciously yummy bites lowers blood cholesterol levels while improving glucose control and insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Other benefits include:

Blueberry as an antibiotic

Blueberry can be surprisingly beneficial for its antibiotic qualities; it has compounds formed of big polymer like heavy molecules which inhibits the growth of bacteria, thereby preventing numerous infections of throat and urinary tract.

Blueberries to stay young and healthy

Forget about age miracle creams and adopt healthy fresh lifestyle with some blueberries a day for they have been proved to preserve vision because of their high in compounds called Anthocyanosides that prevent or delay age related problems like macular degeneration, cataract, myopia and hypermetropia. Blueberries contain a special group of anti-oxidants called Carotenoids and Flavonoids. In addition to that, these little healthy bites are loaded with Vitamin C, E and A, selenium, zinc, copper and phosphorus which are the key components of staying young and actively healthy.

Blueberries to reduce belly fat

The latest research at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center proves that blueberries can help reduce the belly fat and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

Blueberries for healthy brain

Blueberries are the wondrous magical pills that can prevent and heal neurotic disorders by preventing degeneration and death of neurons and also by restoring health of the central nervous system. It can even heal damaged brain cells and tissues to keep your memory sharp for a long time.

Blueberries for happy heart

The high fiber content, those brilliant anti-oxidants and the ability to dissolve the ‘bad cholesterol’ makes blueberries an ideal dietary supplement to keep your heart happy and safe.

Blueberries for Constipation

A handful of blueberries every morning is the perfect breakfast for it keeps your stomach working in a good condition. The high fiber content along with vitamins, sodium, copper and fructose in these yummy magical treats improve digestion making you feel light and active all day long.

Blueberries for Cancer

Blueberries can prove to be a blessing for cancer patients for they contain certain compounds like Pterostilbene and Ellagic Acid which in harmony with Anthocyanim and other anti-oxidants can prevent and cure cancer.

Little but amazing, Blueberries are the magical pills grown in nature’s garden to keep us healthy and safe. Unaware of their incredible powers, we continue to neglect them. Not only good for heart and mind but also encapsulates the secret of beautiful skin, these tiny blue bites can keep us fresh, active, and happy throughout the day. Revitalize yourself with the goodness of blueberries and enjoy life to the fullest for they surely can keep us away from doctors.


Forget about ‘An Apple a day keeps doctor away’ and come to blue berries for they are far more effective and healthy then any fruit.

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