Bizarre Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

Sleep is other name of unconsciousness. During sleep unconsciousness is dominant and person is in relaxation mode.  We spend about one-third of our lives asleep. Sound sleep is associated with good health. Have you ever thought that when you are dozing, your body does a lot of weird things that blow your mind? But you don’t have to worry about. These all things are normal. The bizarre things your body does while you sleep are as follows:

1. You get taller:

You get taller while you sleep. But it does not mean you wake up being a giant next morning. You do gain height during sleep because the discs in your spine act as a cushion between bones. These discs hydrate and get bigger as the weight of your body is not on them during sleep. If you want to be taller then you have to sleep on firm mattress in fetal position because during this posture, load on your back is low.  Fetal position is the  for getting taller.

2. Increase in collagen production in skin:

When you are snoozing, collagen production is higher. Collagen is a protein that maintains and gives skin elasticity by strengthening blood vessels. As it is mentioned above that when you fall asleep, increasing growth of hormones stimulates collagen growth. Collagen growth help skin combating pigment problems and fight fine lines and wrinkles.   

3. Body temperature drops:

During sleep, body temperature drops. Just before you fall asleep, your body temperature starts to decrease which signals your brain to release melatonin. Melatonin affects circadian rhythm (sleep and wake cycle).  At 2:30 AM your body temperature is lowest and you may find to steal your spouse’s blanket for extra warmth.

4. You are more likely to have gas:

Sounds weird? You would not be happy to know that you are more likely to have gas when you asleep. While you sleep, your sense of smell is reduced. Fire alarms were invented in the past because during snoozing it is difficult to smell smoke. So during sleep as a result of loosening of your anal sphincter muscles, it is easier for you to let out toot. If you are having gas and experiencing flatulence then don’t worry, no one is likely to notice.             

5. Muscles are temporarily paralyzed:

While you sleep your muscles are temporarily paralyzed. It happens when people temporarily experience inability to move when falling asleep or wakening. It occurs as result of disrupted REM sleep which is characterized by complete muscle weakness which prohibits person to from acting out their dreams.

6. Blood pressure and heart rate decrease:

When you sleep, the body functions and systems get slow. Your body does not need much blood during sleep so body systems slow down. Your cardiac muscles and circulatory system have time to relax and repair during sleep as blood pressure needs to dip at night. Therefore people who suffer from high blood pressure are recommended to take sleep at least for seven hours. In this way, it reduces the risks of heart diseases.

7. You get sexually aroused:

Your brain is more active during REM sleep since you are dreaming. Most of men get erection during REM sleep and women become sexually stimulated. During sleep, your sexual drives are active.

During sleep, dreams and unconscious desires are at peak. A person is in relaxation and peaceful mode when he sleeps. While you sleep, your body does many of bizarre things that you are not aware of.

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