Birthday Blues| Birthday Depression, Causes and Prevention

On 25th Sep, I am blessed and embarked to turn 30. One more year has passed, one more year I have become older, but it doesn’t feel the same as the previous years. Since the start of this month, I have been very positive and happy to welcome my THIRTIES!! Calculated all my development and revenue, last year is way much better than the rest of my life, yet I’m quite conflicted.

My natal day ended up feeling low, sad, down and drives me to the self-evaluation. Wishes, gifts, messages on social media, and love from the near and dear ones couldn’t boost my morale and I dealt with ‘Birthday Blues’. Yes, it was hard, ugly, and for real. Moreover, it was difficult to understand, but I got enough courage to discuss it with you. 

What is Birthday Depression?

Birthday Depression is like a complimentary present that comes along every year with a birthday. It makes me feel lost, broken, and like a failure that has wasted all these years while running after things that couldn’t work in later life. In extreme cases, it lets you feel unimportant and you might be locking up yourself in a room, isolated and crying.    

People often ask questions about Your Birthday Plans, and I am the one, who really knows how to be cherished each moment that is being celebrated. Unfortunately, for the first time in my life ever, I asked my office colleagues not to celebrate my birthday as I don’t feel like it. Guess what! They literally brought two cakes and I cut both. Yes, I postponed all my plans with my family and friends. The reason is so obvious. 

Potential Causes of Depression  

The causes of Birthday Depression may vary but some common human behaviors may trigger you to feel anxiety, low and unwanted.

  1. Aging: Comparison of own age and achievements with super successful relatives and friends.  
  2. Unknown Future: Grown-up age may lead to more diseases and an unacceptable frail body.
  3.  Expectations: High expectations for the birthday celebration.
  4. Unachieved Goals: The horrible list of unmet goals this year blooms anxiety.
  5. Less Love/Nostalgia: Comparison of people and the amount of love one has gotten this year with the last year. 

My acquaintances showed their love and care for me and make me feel younger and sexier than ever! But I wonder what if I got wrinkles on my face all of a sudden? No, no, I don’t want to imagine. What If, my gray hair could have been pooped up, how would I be embraced them happily? What if, they turned white? Oh, nightmare!! 

What Measures can be taken for Its Prevention? 

You can’t stop aging, nor learning from your previous experiences. I have been writing for the last one hour, and I have noticed I am mature enough to make a coping strategy against Birthday Blues that may help people out there fighting with their depression. 

Here is the list of things one can follow to0 make their birthday memorable.

  1. Embrace your Birthday Blues. Focus on self-investment rather than making a comparison of your achievements with others. 
  2. Make a plan to celebrate your natal day with friends and communicate what type of birthday you want.
  3. Age is just a number. The more the better. Make yourself aware of the fact that you are more precious than a birthday.
  4. It’s alright to miss someone but learn to appreciate those who wished you and brought your favorite present. 
  5. Plan a trip either local or international and treat yourself as the most special person. 

You are not the only one who pre-birthday or post-birthday depression but millions of people out there in the world feel the same. Celebrate a happier, brighter, and wonderful birthday with people who truly love you.

Happy Birthday 

Author: Marryam Hassan Qureshi 

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