Best Plants for Cool Season Color

In cold and freezing days your garden may be covered with white snow. Don’t let winter blues cover your garden. Find out the best plants that are colorful and suitable for winter season. These colorful flowers are great way to brighten drizzly and gray days. Bring a splash of colors with cool season flowers in this season. Pick some colorful cool season flowers and bring life to your garden in cold climate. Make your winter colorful and enjoy it fullest with beautiful sight of prettiest and eye catching plants.


Calendula resembles daisy. These flowers are long lasting in vases and bring spring in garden in mild cold climate. These plants are one to two feet high and one to 1 ½ feet wide. Choose variety of colors from bright yellow, classical orange and different shades of apricot, cream and soft yellow. The necessary weather condition for Calendula is moderate water and full sun exposure. The plant will wilt without required sun exposure. These plants have good drainage that is why can grow on many soils.

Ornamental Kale:

Ornamental Kale in different colors like yellow, white, rose and lavender can be the most beautiful addition to your garden. The huge variety of colors will give you opportunity to make your porch, entry ways and patios ideal. Plant them in full sun. This plant is cold tolerant and its brilliant colors can persist all the way into spring. 


Hellebores are distinctive and unique flowers in winter and spring. These flowers are of cup or bell shaped. They found in variety of colors ranges from white and green to red and deep purple. They can grow longer than the bloom periods and turns into green color gradually. Moderate to regular water, full or part shade is required for their growth. Plants can grow only in well drained soil.

Iceland Poppies:

Iceland poppies are graceful plants have long and leafless stem. They can grow one to two feet high. The colors of flowers include pink, rose, orange, salmon, white or yellow. Regular water and full sun is necessary for their growth.


Cineraria are ideal to add some natural color beauty to the darkest corners of the garden. The maximum height of cineraria is two feet. These plants are wide like daisy and found in variety of colors ranging from white and pink to blue and purple. These plants discard after bloom. Plants can thrive in loose, rich soil and need partial or full shade and regular water.


The graceful plant is unique and amazing because some nemesia are unscented while some are intensely fragranced. These plants can bloom longer if faded plants are removed. The upright stem with small dark green leafs can brighten up your drizzly garden


The clusters of white beautiful flowers is most of time is used for bouquets. Candytuft with their white flowers and dark green shiny leaves bloom all year. These flowers are eight to ten inches high and wide. The condition in which these flowers can survive includes full sun exposure or part shade and regular watering. Candytuft requires well drained soil to grow well. For the stimulation of new growth of candytuft, it is vital to shear them lightly after bloom.

Make your garden colorful and pretty by adding best plants. Check out best plants that are cool season color and suitable for winter. Bring spring in your drizzly garden by splashing colors and fragrance with cool season flowers in the garden.

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