Bedroom Lighting Guide

Here is some useful bedroom lighting guide lines.

Lighting According To Size of the Room: 

Firstly you have to determine the size of your bed room and furniture before buying bed room lighting because oversized lamps can down the look of your side tables. Take measurements of your bed room along with outlet locations and furniture placement.

Selection of Right Height: 

Selection of light according to height of the bed room is very important as if height of your room is more than normal so you may require more lights to be high enough to reach all the areas. You require a certain level of light for reading and for dressing. The shorter or flush-mounted fixtures are better than longer bodied fixtures.

Selection of Light: 

Select appropriate lighting for your room, if you want lighting for sewing machines, reading table, computer table in your bed room than you need to place direct lighting. Same as for the sitting area, sleeping area you need softer and shaded fixtures. For the vanities you need bright lighting.

If you are going to buy lamps than avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too dim or dark, otherwise your bedroom will look too dark and for the table lamp you should select one with a softly diffused shade. Avoid buying too much technical switching and spend a moment to see how you turn it on and off to make sure it is not going to be too difficult to manage when you are in bed to sleep.

According to Mood:

We all know that atmosphere must affect our mood. If you are sad you want dim or dark shades in your room. If you are having fun you want to see bright or colorful lighting to boost up your mood more. Soft colored light bulbs can also change your mood. That’s why a strong dose of atmosphere is also very important in the bed room. You can install dimmers on your bed room lights for giving them alternating effect.

Quantity of Lights According to Location:

As too much light only at one place can’t be look pleasant and inconspicuous same as just single source of light will not look visually classy and comfortable. Moreover, it is not good to install lights directly over your bed as when you will lay down on the bed, you will tend to look up and then it may hurt or irritate you. So when you will fix lighting you should consider all above points and then fix your lights sensibly.

Lighting for Your Closet:

Lighting for your wardrobe must be brighter so you can be better able to see colors of your clothing. You should attach a closet light twelve inches far from the edge of the rod or upper shelf but during it be careful, don’t place a hot light bulb too near to your delicate cloths as it may burn the fabric.

For the closet lighting it’s better to place fluorescent lights as they will give lots of light, they will save energy , they are cool and can be concealed behind the header of the door. You may also use mini tube lights to see color of your clothing in better way.

Lighting for Your Dressing Table:

For the dressing table it is better to place bright lighting which must be rotate able according to your face as when you need to do makeup you need proper bright lighting on your face. I will not recommend you to place colorful light as it will not give you proper impact of your makeup on your face.

Lighting for Your Reading Table:

The main point to buy reading table light is it must be portable for your own flexibility to read book comfortably. Secondly lights should be well-shielded so you may not see the bulb and you may able to read book without bothering your sleeping partner.

You spend most of your time in your bedroom to do your multi-works; sleeping, reading, changing cloths, doing makeup, some time watching TV or sewing cloths. So your bedroom requires high functioning, versatile and exquisite lighting.

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