Bedroom Decor specially for Boys

Bedroom decor is very difficult part of home decor. In three simple steps we can make it easy for you. First theme, then accessories and at the end comes the furniture part and you can make decorate your room according to your will.

Are you looking for bedroom decor ideas to make your room more attractive? If so, then you are at the right place. In three simple steps we can suggest bedroom decor for boys.

  • Step no. 1 The Theme

First think of a theme. You need beach theme or any other cool theme you can paint your walls in that way. For beach theme you can paint your front wall with a seaside scene with some ships, waves and sun. If you have artistic talent then you can do it yourself or else you can contact any home improvement store for wall decor. For bedroom decor picture, hanging framed pictures of ships can boost your theme of beach. If you do not want to use wall painting then you can paint your room with your favourite colour schemes. Posters of your favourite movies or your favourite football team can make your room more eye-catching.

  • Step no. 2 Accessories

This is the part of bedroom decor in which you can be creative. Before using any accessory keep one thing in mind, anything you use, it must merge in the theme. Hanging a skate board or a basketball hoop is a good idea. Curtains in boy room are usually very simple. Shutter, shades or blinds on your windows have capability of making your room more attractive.

  • Step no. 3 Furniture

The first thing you need to know is the size of the bedroom. According to it, everything is planned. Common bedroom furniture which is found in every bedroom is a bed, side table, and a dresser. In many rooms computer table, TV trolley and a bookcase are also found. Furniture arrangement is the most maddening part of bedroom decor. The best place for a bed is beside window with side tables and a lamp on it. This placement can be seen in lot of rooms. TV trolley or computer table can be placed against the bed. It makes it easier for you to access them. If both are present then computer table can be placed on the right side. Keep distance between furniture for walkways. In corners you can place your sports equipment. Full size Mirror can be fixed on the left side of the wall. Closet nowadays are already fixed in wall of bedrooms which makes room more spacious. Colour of the furniture depends on individual’s choice.

Usually boys like dark or medium colour furniture. Its colour must be chosen according to the theme of your room.

Bedroom decor is very difficult part of home decor. In three simple steps we can make it easy for you.

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